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I took my dog to Banfield for a few shots, arrived on time for my appointment and they stick me in a room with my 3 yr old active son. Twenty minutes later a nurse comes in and takes his vitals and says the doctor will be in shortly.

If you have ever been put in one of their exam rooms with the door closed and have to sit there for over 20 minutes, you could understand how frustrating and annoying it can be. There were no other patients waiting. I opened the door many times to find out what was going on and they tell me they had a difficult case with a dog that did not want to be there. The doctor finally came in 40 minutes later, gave my dog his shots and I left.

An hour being in a small room with a 3 yr old and a pacing dog is asking for trouble. My son kept tripping over the dog because he didn't want to sit still and the dog knew where he was and wasn't overly thrilled. I couldn't wait to get out of there, and when I did, I called customer service to complain and they said that someone would get back to me within 5-7 days.

No word from them. I am definitely not a happy customer and will have to do some research on where my dog can get QUALITY health care without taking me to the bank.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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Why the *** would u take a 3 year old with u? Get over it u must have nothing better todo with ur life then to ***.

Maybe they had to take care of a sick pet.

Who cares u where their for vaccines get over it I'm sure u got a free office visit so why are u *** because u had to wait a hour? Uhh yeah they do see other pets u know just not urs and who cares if u ever go back suck a *** u *** *** dumb *** get a *** life really put ur kid on ur tit and shut the *** up


Boohoo... you get the same thing when you go to a doctors office.

You wait in a waiting area for twenty minutes and then wait in a room for an hour then you a doctor for five minutes and then you wait another twenty before you can leave...

The only difference between Banfield and a doctors office is Banfield takes walk-ins and emergencies if they come in. Dcotor's offices tell you to go to the ER...

Cry me a river...