Columbus, Ohio

We took our healthy and happy 6 year old cat for a routine teeth cleaning on 3/8/14 (Westerville/Columbus, OH) and they gave her too much sedative and she died. Now we are at a loss without our beloved family member. Vets and techs at Banfield could care less about animals. Unbelievable!!!

All they could say is "I'm so sorry". We brought Abby home so the other three cats could understand that she passed. Now, every one in the house is depressed.

We do not recommend Banfield, even though we've used their services for 7 years! We won't be taking our other three cats there - ever!

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They overdosed my Chihuahua so I would agree to revive her for an additional $599 They gave her heart massage, broke a rib, she went into shock and they did not tell me,I asked what was wrong with her eyes, they were silent, someone else told me days later when I said her eyes were dilated. Then they get more money for her second death.

I paid $175 for them to kill my dog. I had her cremated at the humane society in 24 hrs her ashes were ready, this was a scam too, I got assorted animal ashes in a can for $100, but how does one prove this? They told me the ovens were on when I brought her body in.

Mrs Jacqueline Mars look up her net worth on Forbes. :cry


1. To address the owner of the 26 year old cat.

Absolutely pets need dental care. Imagine how disgusting your mouth/gums would be if you didn't brush twice a day or see a dentist regularly for 26 years. Look to the condition of human mouths/teeth in 3rd world countries where they don't have access to dental care to see what could happen. Then imagine that in a smaller, more crowded mouth.

Disgusting. Gingivitis can lead to fatal conditions such as endocarditis, renal disease & sepsis. Even if your pet is very lucky & doesn't develop these life threatening probelms they absolutely can deveop oral pain/rotten teeth that can result in them not eating. Please don't give advise to others when you blatently dont have a medial background/clue what you are talking about.

2. To the owner of the pet that passed away, my condolences. But before you go deciding that these people deliberatly killed your pet & start spreading sladerous accusations online that could get your local vets refusing to work with you for fear of being slandered, or even worse get you in legal trouble you need some important info. What medications did they use?

What does did they give? Is this an approprite dose??? Only with these pieces of info can determine whether they 'gave her too much sedative' or not. Sadly anesthesia is not risk free.

No drug is, not even something as common as aspirin can kill you if you are allergic or have coagulation disorder.

So although sad, rarely even an apparently healthy pet (or human) can have unexpected complications & pass away during or following an anesthetic event. Get all your facts to make an educated comment before taking out your sadness on people who may 100% may only have been trying to do their job.


I am so sorry for the loss of your cat. We count on the veteranarian to know what is best for our pets. Maybe you can consider another kitty that is in need of a loving home.


Tip...You do not need to have a cats teeth cleaned.It is just a scam vets use to get money.I have 4 cats one is 26 years old.She is just fine never having her teeth cleaned.Please do not do this to your other cats.Cats do not tolerate sedation very well and every time it is done could be deadly to them as you have learned the hard way.All they need is there yearly shots and their *** checked for parasites.If you introduce in another cat get a bloodtest to check for FIV.Otherwise that is all you need.Do not let the vet talk you into things you really do not need.Sorry about your cat I just dont want this to happen to your other two.


I really hope no one listens to you because you are NOT being accurate. I've worked as a vet tech and am now in vet school and I've seen dental issues cause horrible problems from tooth root abscesses to endocarditis.

While I don't agree that every pet should just be automatically signed up for a dental cleaning, I can say with 100% confidence that you are incorrect in many of your statements. The need for a dental cleaning should be assessed on a case by case basis. Some pets can go their whole lives and not need one, whereas others need one every year. It depends on a lot of things like breed, diet, and home care.

In addition, your statement that cats do not tolerate sedation well is a complete lie. I've anesthetized hundreds of cats and have never had a problem. It's a rare occurrence that I have luckily never experienced (yet). We tailor anesthesia to patient size, species, and any underlying conditions.

In general, anesthesia is very safe to cats as long as they are in good health. Lastly, you said that all they need is yearly shots and their p00p checked for parasites. Even this is incorrect. It's best to do bloodwork yearly on pets over 8 years of age to screen for any age-related changes in health.

If your cat is indoor/outdoor, it's best to give a dewormer and put your cat on flea prevention as well.

You have grossly oversimplified the field of veterinary medicine and the needs of cats. Please, let the educated professionals be the ones doling out advice


I wonder who is teaching you.If you are really in school you would know cats have no liver so they can not process pain meds or being put under.Everytime you do you are risking death.By feeding cats the right diet they will not have dental problems.Alot of those so called flea protections also kill cats and dogs.I have had many cats in my lifetime as sick strays always seem to find me.I have nursed them back to health and found homes for them.Vets risk lives to drive up costs.Thank god I have a smart vet who does not do that.


I wonder who is teaching you???? Of course cats have livers.

Even someone as apparently *** as you should be able to put some effort into looking this up before posting such a retarded statement online. Such stupidity only proves that you are either an online troll, or have ABSOLUTELY no medical knowledge at all. Either way - I can only hope that no-one listens to your stupidity.

Your vet seriously needs to have an long chat with you to make sure you get educated before you give any more wrong advise online.

To everyone elseout there, 100% cats have livers, yes they can metabolize many of the drugs needed for anesthesia, and yes they would beneft from dental care. If a cat can't eat well/becomes anorexic because of dental disease or rotten teeth then it risks a condition called hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver in laymans terms - fatty LIVER!!) which can be fatal.


This has to be a joke. I've seen cat livers with my own eyes during surgery, dissections, and necropsies.

Where on earth did you learn that cats have no livers?

You may be thinking that cats cannot process acetaminophen (Tylenol), which is true, but they can most definitely process other medications. Good lord please do not advise people any more.