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I hate banfield to make a long story short. My dog was having puppies, she had 3 at home and the 4th was just not coming out.

I took her to Banfield and they told me that she needed a c-section and the cost was 1600.00 I told them I didn't have the money. The doctor there try to help but another doctor was going to do the surgery. Dr. Daniel was going o conduc it and he wants 1600.00 up front.

Well after rubbing her stomach by my friend the baby came out. GREAT!!! I went home after 4 days my dog was very weak and falling she didn't want the puppies. I took her again to Banfield guest which doctor was there Dr.

Daniels. He told me after 4 hours waiting for the blood results that she need a blood trifusion and surgery and the cost was 1300.00. Well before he even looked at her he told me I know who you are and you didn't let me do the c-section. He stated" I had my staff there and waited for you 2 hoours, I had to pay my staff over time".

Not how is sweetie doing what is the problem nothing. I gave it to him, I told him you of all people should be happy and it is not my fault she gave birth to the pup. He was mad. I told him I didn't have the money (1300.00) he then told me that she was going to died.

I told him I was taking her somewhere else. Which I did, they gave her a IV within minutes and started examing her. She may need a transfusion but we are trying to let the meds work first. No surgery at all.

She just lost a lo of blood while giving birth. The blood transfusion will cost maybe 200.00 verses 1300.00. They even offer to assist me with a payment paln. The dog came first.

At Banfield money comes first. I was told even by the workers that they steal people's money and do not care about your pet.

I called the corp office and made a report. I hope and pray that the meds work out.

Monetary Loss: $550.

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where did you go?


I am a Banfield costumer for 3 years now. i am also a breeder. I think they do an excellent job in research, and I value that. I also value there Wellness programs for my new owners.


I have 2 other vets other than Banfeild, they do NOT get my money for emergencies, or tests. I did have them do reconstructive surgery on one of my Yorkies jaw, it cost me 1200.00. I could have used my other vet, and would have cost me $350.00. They are over priced, and lay a HUGE guilt trip on you to do what THEY feel is right. But honestly they are no different than any other corporate vet clinic. I continue to go for client benefits, and they in return get a good deal of money from my clients who 60% of the time buy a Wellness plan for their new puppy.

Its not about paying the f'ing bill PEOPLE its about getting f'ing ripped doing it! Come on!! Read up on some more Banfield complaints, you will get the picture. Its not been all peaches and cream at my Banfeild either... I have some stories!

My advise is, if you think of your pet as a child of yours, than when faced with shocking Banfield reports, or prices, just get a second or third opinion from another vet! And if you breed, you should already have at least 2 vets!! You need assistance now! And one vet can't always be there 100% for you. I have one specific vet who runs blood tests for breeding tests to liver shunt tests... HUNDREDS of dollars cheaper than both of the other two vets. A vet is your right arm in breeding... but it doesn't have to be ONE vet! My vets even know each other....

I am so sick of hearing people say if you can't afford a pet don't get one... there is no reason to line a greedy corporations pockets!!! PERIOD!


You know what could have prevented all this headache in the first place? If you would have had your pet spayed before she was old enough to have her first heat cycle. That's what a responsible pet owner would have done.

Vicky does not have a black heart, she's telling you like it is.


Thanks to Dr. Perry my dog and puppies are doing just fine.

Jinjoo, I am very sorry to hear all that Banfield has done to you. You should call the Corp office and find out.

Vicky, first of all I did have the money and was able to pay for the services the problem was (which I really do not need to explain but will because you are so dum. When this had happened to me I had just retired for the military after serving over 27 years. Retired as a Colonel. My retirement check was going to take 30 days to be dep. into a local bank. My other account was not local and unable to take out more then 500.00 a day. I informed the doctor that I could pay the bill but it with take a day or two. He would not hear of it. He stated that I had to pay before anything. That is when one of the workers told me about Dr. Perry about a mile away. Dr. Perry worked with me and said it was ok no problem, that her concerned was the dog, and she went into action. Now that is a anmial lover. She was paid in full within 2 days. Vicky, I will pray for you because you have a black heart!!!!


when i wrote i'm sorry for your loss, i mean you vicky for not having an animal and only being greedy over money. money isn't everything, you make it seem like everything.

yes it buys things, but people and living, life is everything. life is short so make good use of it.

money is to me nothing. people's happiness is everything, that's worth more than money.


vicky, it looks like you only care about money and probably don\'t own any animals. i too had a similar insident that actually happened yesterday.

my dog was pregnant and she wasn\'t giving birth, she was pushing but nothing was coming out. i was scared for her live so i had taken her to banfield hospital. at the time the only place that was open was banfield. we went there and they said she had a puppy the size of a lab and my dog is a chihuahua.

they told us we had to do a c-section or the dog and puppy would die. they said it would cost 1,500. i didn\'t have that kind of money. i tried to see if we could do payments, but they said since we wern\'t one of their regular customers we couldn\'t.

and i tried to raise my pet care card but they wouldn\'t raise it either. i had no choice. they said the only choice i had was to sign her over to them and they would do the operation but find her a new home if she lived. at the time i was so sad, why can\'t i keep my dog, why?

because i didn\'t have that kind of money, i had to sign her over to the hospital. it was like signing over your kid to an adoption place.me and my husband cried so long. we asked if they knew what adoption place they send the dogs to, but they would not tell us. why?

i mean if they are going to send the dog to a adoption place and people are going to buy the dog, why can\'t we? why because we didn\'t pay the 1,500, but when they sell our dog to someone else for $500, we can\'t buy her back? funny isn\'t it. anyways we had to sign her over to the hospital because they gave her a shot that helped her with her contractions and they said if the baby didn\'t come out within 30 to 45 minutes after they gave her the shot that she needs a c-section or she will die.

me and my husband cried so long but we said we had no choice. we either let her die or sign her over so they could operate and she could live. we didn\'t want our baby to die so we signed her over. we asked if we could wait and see if the operation went well, but they would not let us stay.

they said once we signed her over we had to leave and we could not know anything about her or where she went or if she made it. i thought to myself what the ****. how could these people be so cruel. do these people even have a heart.

do they even have animals.makes me think that maybe these people working here like you vicky, only want your pay check. i mean if i was working there i would secretly tell the customer because i care, even if i was breaking the rules. i had like 4 different people that was helping me with my dog and not even one would tell me. all i wanted was to stay and see how the operation went and if it was bad if i could buy my dogs ashes back and keep them.

they said we have to leave. so many things were going through my head. are these people really going to do the operation or are they gonna just leave my dog in one of there cages and leave her there until she gives birth or die. one nurse did tell me she\'ll let me know if my dog lived or died.

i left at 11:00pm and she said call her an hour in a half later. is the operation only an hour and a half? anyways, i called her and she said my dog lived and the puppy died. i don\'t know if i trust her or not though.

i\'m searching for the adoption place that banfield sends the dogs that are signed over to them, if anyone knows please help. even if i can\'t have my dog back i just want to know if she\'s alive or dead. i wan\'t to see her body to see if they did try to help her or if they did the operation or not, then my heart will be at ease. why couldn\'t they let me stay and see how she was before i went home.

why wouldn\'t they tell me if she made it or not? i had a nurse secretly tell me. if she told me the truth or not i don\'t know for certain.

she said she did make it so i am in search for the adoption place they send the dogs now. if anyone knows please help, thanks.


dear jinjoo, I am crying reading your post. Banfield and others are not veterinarians, they are the DOG MAFIA!

They are willing to steal your animal and lie to you because they know that others want your animal . You went through all the heart ache and they got your dog by force spending a few house with no expenses exceot their surgery. Coersion just like the mafia for your goods and services. Coercion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Coercion /koʊˈɜrʃən/ is the practice of forcing another party to act in an involuntary manner by use ...

The purpose of coercion is to substitute one's aims to those of the victim. ... methods during investigations e.g.

the threat of harsh legal penalties; such coercion is typically legal.

But there has to be some law broken here. I am disgusted!


i'm sorry for your loss


I understand what people are talking about in regards to pets costing money, but if you knew first had the impersonal and non-caring attitude of this entire company you would not be saying these things.

Candy I'm glad everything worked out and never go back there again. I'm trying my best to get out of that company and its scam about giving a *** about the pets ASAP.


Pets cost money, why isnt your pet spayed in the first place? If you cant vet em, dont get em.

Pregnancy goes wrong with humans still to this day, so is it improbable that its the same with pets? Your should have prepared for that, do your research, books are avail. at the local library. As a vet tech at a clinic we have been "stiffed" many times by people like you or have to watch pets die because owners refuse to do the right thing.

The longer you wait to treat your pet the more costly it will be. Dont have pets if you cant take care of them! Spay and neuter, do you have homes for those puppies?

Can you grantee that they wont end up in a shelter, or out there having puppies themselves because another person like you are irresponsible? Get educated!!!!!!


Thanks lady. next time I rather youjust pay the f'n money.


First of all VICKY! what you said can go right to ***.

I work my *** off everyday to pay my bills and take good *** care of my dog. Sometime people like you may try to ripe people like me off . No I don't have the money sometimes to take my dog to the vet. How in the *** would someone have $1300 up front unless they have a job like yours that ripes people off of their money.

Everyone don't have it like that to push out $1300 out their *** okay lady. So don't you ever call anyone a dead beat owner unless you know their situation. People like you don't give a *** about anyone but yourself. Atleast we are trying to do something instead of just not doing nothing at all.

So when you go to your little high price job think about what I said. :(


Im sorry to say kid but money puts a roof over peoples heads and clothes on babies backs, not having a bleeding heart for every sick puppy and kitten that comes in with an owner who cant afford to pay the necessary costs. Im just trying to shed some light on the realistic side of veterinary medicine, and I do apologize if this appears to be harsh - that is not my intention.

Having said that the hospital I work at has an awesome charity that helps cover costs for pets in need and I help with a drive and fundraising for that purpose; Im sorry there wasnt anything like this that could have assisted you during that difficult time with your pet. I truly wish the best for you and your little girl.


First of all I am NOT a breeder, nor my intentions were to have puppies. What I am saying is that instead of trying to help my dog he didn't want to.

I went to another vet and she gave her a IV with in minutes and some iron med. She is fine now no blood transfusion nor surgery. It is a known FACT that Banfield wants to conduct surgery when the dogs really do not need it. I paid the other vet, but not 1300.00.

For your information the puppies are being given away for FREE!!!!

I am not selling them. My friends are going to take them to their vet for the shots.

You sound like money is more important than the dog, cat etc.....


I just love how everyone decides that people have to be selling the puppies, making millions over their dogs. Sure if you are a *** vet you can grab the dog and make all kinds of profit off a few hours, where the original owner spends all their time and resources on a dog, for months or even years hoping for an ancestor of that dog, just to be F@@$$^k'd out of their animal and at a time of completely high emotional distress.

Animal rights supporters make way too many assumptions and it is real obvious the funding for your spay is off the charts but to help someone save a life that is wanted is a big no no, punish that person they are the bad guys they want those little lives Okay! Good job Banfield!


As a vet tech, both in general practice and ER, I can honestly say that I think the fault lies with you and not the Dr or the practice. You cant blame a hospital for not wanting to rely on good faith for payments, as so many are going bust from the economy.

The truth is you sound like a typical backyard breeder who has no right in breeding a dog that you have no money to pay for. How are you planning on paying for the pups health bills?? And BTW, the Dr's advice was correct, your dog does need a blood transfusion since blood loss appears to have been heavy and the surgery is probably warranted as she may have an infection from the resulting birth in or around her uterus. If its one thing I cant stand as a veterinary professional its all the whining I hear from dead beat owners about how they dont have money for this or that, while wearing a Coach purse and pulling up in there Escalade, you think vet hospitals are a charity one stop place?!?

Who do you think pays for the employees and the space for the hospital, and for the food that goes to feed the workers families? Vet hospitals are not given grants like human hospitals and Ive had it up to here with people like you who *** when things cost money.


Owners in need are not dead beats sorry The vet wants their guarantee of payment but they can NOT guarantee success either, maybe payment should be on a sliding scale of success of the RX not just a guilt trip for a person trying to do the right thing in a bad economy and vets gauging the heck out of anyone they can victimize! BRAVO! Your sound wisdom is astounding!


That's not how medicine works. It often fails because the body fails.

No, success cannot be guaranteed. This isn't because of a lack of skill or expertise, it's because we cannot predict with 100% certainty how the body will react. If a vet performs a 4 hour surgery, using medication, equipment, and support staff, do you think that those things don't need to be paid for if the surgery was unsuccessful? Surgical tools, medication, equipment NEED to be paid for.

The vets just don't get that stuff for free. The veterinarian deserves to be paid for his or her work, regardless of how the BODY responds. Sure, if there is negligence or malpractice, that's a different thing. But saying that payment should be on a sliding scale of success...that's just ignorant.

That would drive the price of EVERYTHING through the roof. In order to cover the losses from an "unsuccessful" surgery, the "successful" ones would have to cost much more.

Vets don't "gauge the *** out of anyone they can victimize." It's MEDICINE. The same procedures and medications in people cost 10x that much, but insured people never see that.

Do you think we get a break on our x-ray machines just because we use them on animals? Nope. Just as expensive. Do you think the medical manufacturers charge us less for drugs, sutures, surgical tools?

Heck no.

Medicine is expensive, and people really need to look into the true cost of an animal before getting one. And if they can't afford the cost of treatment, don't go blaming the vets for trying to "rip them off."