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I have FIVE labrador retrievers and have been a customer of Banfield in Antioch, CA since February of 2006 when I got my first puppy. I have a wellness plan for each of my AKC registered dogs because I am a breeder and my dogs need to be taken care of consistently. I pay about $150.00 a month for this. On top of that monthly charge in 2006 I paid an additional $400.00 for X-rays and another $800.00 for antibiotics because labs are prone to ear infections. In 2007 I conitued to pay the $120-150 monthly fee and paid an additional $8K for a obstructed bowel and a bunch of meds. In 2008 I paid for x-rays, another surgery for obstruction on a different dog, and well puppy visits and dew claw removals for my new litter this was an additional $8K. In 2009 I had to have a fox tail removed for another $700.00 and a barium study for another $700 when a $5.00 bottle of childrens benadryl would have worked. So far for 2010 I have spent almost an addirional amount of $10K because we have another litter, an ultra sound, an x-ray, dew claw removals and antibiotics for ear infections.

I had a family member who worked there and said I was the biggest money maker they had in the store. When they see me coming I think they plot to see how much I am willing to pay. I have been told that if I dont do a treatment that it could kill my dog. I have been given major guilt trips. I have been given meds I didnt need. I have been charged for a single injection that is the same price as a two week supply of the same med but oral. My dog was given a prescreening treatment to see if he would need surgery and told to come back the next day asnd when I did the vet on duty could not do the surgery so I was sent to another vet who insisted on redoing all the tests I had already paid for.

I have since learned that a bottle of paroxide and benadryl are a dog owners best friend. I no longer jump the gun and take my dogs in everytime something looks strange. I wait it out for a couple of days and things usually go away with no ill effect. If they are truly sick then I take them in and have them seen.

The girls at the front desk are pretty much asbused by the clinicians and ignored by corporate when a complaint is filed by an employee. As a business executive I would be extremely conserend that I would have a class action law suit against me if I ran that place.

I will be discontinuing my wellness plans and going to a different clinic as my plans expire. If you have a purebred AKC registered dog I would suggest buying their Health Insurance. It is very similar to our own human insurance and I believe is comprable in price.

I think I have written maybe one negative remark on a company in my life so this is not some off the cuff slam. It is too bad though because if Banfield was run with the true mission statement of "your dog is like our family" they really could be a magnificent company bacause of their location and the whole one stop shopping idea. That was genius marketing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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@ puppyOWNER.........You are confused. I know they dont do ultra sounds that is why they sent me to another clinic were i had to have all the same tests done and i had to be charged again when they already knew that they were not able to do the surgery they thought was needed.

This was the second time because the first time my dog needed an endoscopy and they ran a bunch of tests then told me they couldnt do what was needed and I was AGAIN sent to another clinic and charged AGAIN! I am not a liar you are just confused.....what kind of person just blurts stuff out like that. I dont know about the AKC coverage.

I have kept the Banfield coverage but I am more careful and not quite as ready to open my wallet. They have learned not to take advantage of me.


Banfield does not do ultra sounds there. You are just lying. My mom took her dog there and needed an ultra sound; they were sent somewhere else to do the ultra sound.


After years of coverage and multiple policies for our 4 pups with the AKC Pet Partners Insurance the time came for me to have utilized it for our adored pup. He was sick – no question about that. I had insurance – or so I thought. Our sweet boy was hospitalized, required an MRI of the brain which indicated some sort of a lesion, then developed nephritis, later he came down with aspiration pneumonia and also had an emergency hospital visit as well. It ended much to my heart break with the loss of this sweet boy when I was told that it was medically necessary to euthanize him. I had thought I had credible coverage through the AKC Pet Insurance. WRONG! One the Wellness Plan (most enriched plan and very expensive) through the AKC they AKC denied medications, MRI, further diagnostics, medical treatment and hospitalizations INCLUSIVE of euthanasia.

So consumers BEWARE of such an organization. These were unrelated situations that they denied.

I had registered our pups with the AKC when they made the offer of this insurance upon AKC registration of our puppy years back – how could I go wrong with the AKC? In EVERYWAY!! In addition recently, they have denied testing on our other pup for a simple test of giarda on the Wellness Plans which are the most enriched plan (allegedly) through the AKC – they denied that too.

I have dropped the insurance with this deplorable coverage offered through the AKC. I now have them insured with an honorable insurance provider that does not have the gimmicks the AKC Pet Insurance has to get out of paying claims.

CONSUMERS please check out www.petinsurancereview.com and see how many of us that patronized the AKC have shared similar experiences. This is a wonderful sight – they offer you information on ALL insurance providers.

I am now with Embrace and could not be happier with the customer service, the helpfulness, expertise and wisdom the representatives have. Embrace demonstrated timeliness with information, all something that I never ever received from the AKC Pet Insurance. Embrace offered a medical review process so you know UP FRONT what is exactly what. I may have a pre-existing condition for a pup, but that by far out weighs the knowledge of knowing what a reputable company I am now with. I hope none of my pups get as sick as my sweet boy did – but now knowing that they are TRULY insured with an outstanding insurance provider I sleep better. You can tell in just speaking with Embrace they truly staff animal lovers!

Who wants to be with a company that when you are at your wits end with the loss of your pet, they even deny euthanasia as a final slap in your face?

Please check out the reviews for yourself at www.petinsurancereview.com and BEWARE of the AKC. Clearly it is a shared experience being dissatisfied by many AKC Policy Holders.


first shield is like water to fleas it dont work dont buy it you cant get a refund.


:sigh dont buy first shield it dont work.


Well if you were not such an ignorant mule maybe you could do some homework. I have had two litters in 5 years.

I only breeed my dogs when i have a buyer for all the pups that could potentially be born. I breed an exceptional HUNTING dog. your typical POUND puppy although I love them and DONATE A LOT of money to them can NOT be a gun dog or a retriever. GOOD Retrievers are bred through careful planning.

Can your typical PIT BULL retrieve a pheasant or duck without tearing it to shreds. I sell my dogs for a large amount of money that barely covers the amount I put into to care of them. Your average buyer does not buy one of my pups. Wealthy people who yes SHOOT animals to eat them.....GOD forbid you freakin tree huggin hippy.

What do you drive a Prius and live in BERKELEY. Most likely a LIBERAL nazi. DEW claws for dogs in thick brush are hurtful and potentially deadly because of the chance of infection ***....that is why they are removed. It doesnt make the dog prettier but if you are that petty then thats between you and your GOD.

If your a man I would guess your uncircumsised as well or do you *** your mother to *** for mutilating you. Do all of us upright individuals a favor and crawl back to your cave.


:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

And you have the dew claws removed...why? Is it prettier that way? Do you get more money that way? Yeah...I hate you breeders. I want to remove your brain; it would make you a better person to society. You should not alter these dogs. God and evolution made them a certain way for a reason. Dew claws actually DO have a purpose, especially in Labradors. When a lab runs, the dew claw hits the ground just like the rest of the foot, it provides extra traction and stability.

I do sympathize with your horrible experience, though. Don’t get me wrong there. I just can’t tolerate breeders. Get a life, get a clue, learn some moral values and stop mutilating these perfect creatures for your own personal gain. The reason you blindly paid whatever they wanted for so long was because the more “perfect” medicine made these creatures, the more money you made. You didn’t care, now you do. Maybe now you’ll care about how God perceives you and you’ll stop messing with and altering his creations. May God have mercy on your money-grubbing, greedy, soul…

-Tomye West

PS I'm not even religious, but I do know there's got to be somebody out there that created this universe (or at least helped to create it)...and I'm sure that they'd be ashamed of you and your heinous actions.


I had to have my dogs dew claws removed they got caught and ripped. She was hurt badly because her breeder dint want to alter her.

Sadly as dogs have evolved as you put it, they no longer need dew claws and now they are a useless toe that gets caught on things. It is worse if you keep them. I am not a breeder but my female dog i adopted was not really fixed as they said now i have 6 puppies all with there moms deformed dew claws so i paid to have them removed so the puppies wont get hurt.

Sadly i have banfield and they missed some dew claws now some of my puppies will have to have surgery to remove the dew claws. But really do research bedore running your mouth.