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Update by user Aug 31, 2016

UPDATE: There is none. They still won't offer a refund, credit or anything else to resolve this issue. Like I tell everyone, Banfield cares more about the almighty dollar than your pets.

Original review posted by user Aug 01, 2016

I cannot believe so much time has passed, yet Banfield continues to ONLY prescribe this pet-killer medication. Not only that, but it is the ONLY flea killer they sell.

You are MUCH better off buying directly through Pet-Smart or mail-order. Banfield prescribed this for our dogs on Saturday and when we came home and started researching the product, because I kinda adore these two little 4-legged babies of mine, I was astounded! Would you let your doctor get away with this? Banfield is obviously only interested in the money.

Period. They wouldn't give us a refund or credit. They sell us poison, and won't refund our money. I wish more people would do research before just following Banfield's advice like Zombies.

Their "Wellness Plans" are total rip-offs too. Come on folks....wake up!

Product or Service Mentioned: Schuyler First Shield Trio Flea Control.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Full refund and STOP SELLING Rx that has killed and made ill so many pets!.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: No refund and the quality of rx, Overcharged and lied.

  • Banfield Wellness Plan Scam
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This review is nonsense. Banfield sell multiple different types of flea/tick prevention, such as Firstshield, Revolution, and collars as just a few, so there are options.

Also ANY medicine can have the risk of a reaction, even something as common as aspirin, heck even natural things such as shrimp & peanuts can cause reactions in some individuals. Nothing is risk free, and there isn't reliable proof to show that the risk for reaction to this medication is statistically higher than that of any other flea or tick medication.

Thirdly - you do realize that the ingredients in many of these flea/tick medications that you can buy in a pet shop are EXACTLY the same right?? The only ones that are going to be significantly different are the higher end products such as Revolution, Frontline, Seresto Collars, or Advantage.....and since you seem so concerned about cost is that honestly something you will do, or will you just buy the cheaper stuff?

Also - anything purchased from a vet has to be shipped directly to them from the manufacturer so you know you are getting a genuine product.

Pet shops just buy from whichever source is cheapest, so a lot of places end up selling fake medications - seriously, google it - the number of fake medicines and pet products coming into the USA ffom China and India is insane, and very dangerous, as you cannot be sure what is even in the product.

Please educate yourself.


I worked at Banfield for 6yrs.

Wanna know how many reactions I saw to firstshield trio for dogs?

TWO total.

In 6yrs. They were also mild reactions.

FACT. A pet can have an allergic reaction to ANYTHING. Even natural products.

I saw more allergic reactions to natural remedies than I can count.

If a pet has a reaction to something, that does NOT mean it is a bad product. It just means that pet is allergic to the ingredients and needs to be on a different product.

NOTHING is ever risk free. Also, just because you read online that someone said their pet got sick/died from something, doesn't mean it's true.

Don't believe everything you read online. Alot of people just want someone/something to blame for their pets death. Usually, the blame is placed on the vet or a product. Alot, not all, but alot of the time it's not the vet/products fault.

You can look up any prevention, medication etc and find horror stories. Doesn't mean they are true. You don't know where they purchased the product (not talking about firstshield specifically as its only sold at Banfield) If they purchased it online, it doesn't come from the manufacturer so it's likely a counterfeit product. You don't know if they gave anything else, their pet got into something, you don't know if their pet had an underlying medical condition etc.

Just like a couple years ago there were horror stories saying that trifexis (flea/heartworm prev) kills pets. FACT is that NONE of the deaths were linked to the trifexis. FACT- it was not known where the ppl with the claims purchased the product. FACT - a majority of the pets has underlying medical problems.

The ONLY brands to never use are Hartz and Sargeants. I have no clue how they are still sold as they have been proven to be toxic. I really prefer oral prevention over topical. The only topical I would ever use on a cat is Revolution.

Wouldn't use revolution on a dog as it doesn't cover ticks and if you're going to use a messy topical, it should at least cover ticks. But it's also a heartworm prevention and I don't trust topical heartworm prevention (don't really have to worry about heartworm in cats) As for dogs, the only topical I'd ever use is Firstshield trio and I don't even work at banfield anymore. Firstshield is the only topical that seems to still be working. Frontline, advantage and advantix have not been working in my area.

But again, I still prefer oral prevention except with cats.

My point is don't believe every horror story you read. Because a majority of them aren't true and they don't have all the facts


Oh I forgot to add.

Firstshield is NOT the only flea prevention they sell.

It IS the only prevention you can buy over the counter there, if your pet hasn't ever been seen there or have been seen there in the last 6mo.

If your pet goes there or has been seen there within the last 6mo (required by law to sell these) they sell comfortis, which is an oral tablet for fleas.

They sell trifexis which is an oral tablet for fleas and heartworm. They sell revolution for cats which is a topical flea and heartworm prevention.