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This is the same horrific heartbreaking story I hear everyday about Banfield misdiagnosis and pet deaths. BANFIELD routinely kills dog via negligence BANFIELD pressures and threatens their veterinarians to process a high number of pets per day.

The 90 second dog exams, and the vets high stress causes constant misdiagnosis. BANFIELD hold ZERO LIABILITY. They push all the liability on the veterinarians even though the poor veterinary care is due to threatening vets with being fired if they don't process the dogs within the 90 second window. Every veterinarian is threatened with losing their license and yet it is BANFIELD THAT THREATENS TO FIRE VETERINARIANS FOR NOT RUSHING THE DOGS THROUGHT THE ASSEMBLY LINE.

I'm working on preventing Banfields criminal business model and pet death machine. Lethalvetcare at Twitter epidemic day rate. 90 second exam limits cause veterinarians to misdiagnose. Its the Banfield business model and daily profit goals that killed your dog.

If the doctors don't process enough dogs per day they are fired.

BANFIELD has no liability for pet illness and death. They push it all on the vertinarians

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: DEATH BY NEGLIGENCE.

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Not quite 90 seconds, but having worked there as a Vet I can tell you that:

1. Yes, they 100% pressure you to see as many pets as possible per day, meaning that every day was overbooked, and appointments are scheduled for every 15 minutes, at MOST.

If we had walk-ins as well then you realistically may only have ~10 mins per appointment. Also you rarely got a lunch break or even a chance to use the bathroom, and leave late 90% of the time. It is brutal to work there.


Yes, you can be fired for not seeing enough pets or earning the company enough money. They have targets for sales that you have to keep up with or your pay is cut or you can be fired.

3. Most Vets leave Banfield after a year or two because the pressure is so crazy & the liability is too much.

We feel very bad about the substandard care that sometimes happens due to time constraints, but literally have no way of changing that other than finding another job. They don;t care when Vets leave because they prefer to hire young, inexperienced vets who are easier to manipulate.