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My 4yr old Yorkie was vomitting constantly & was severely dehydrated. He was rushed to Banfield, Eden Prairie for a assistance. (he has been going there all his life). Tests were conducted as well as X-rays. No one could diagnose his quandry. Finally, after a month of being on I.V.'s for hydration and fluid packs at night...I made the remark ... "what could possibly be wrong, you are tapping me out of all my money, I don't have much more to spend"...BOOM....Bladder Infection was diagnosed!

He was put on an antibiotic and also a low protein prescription dog food - Hill's (brand) @$1.75/can. He had seen 3 different Vets at this hospital for this diagnosis (so-called) to be finally determined.

In the was repeatedly "stessed" to me that he needed a full teeth cleaning. According to their records this had not been done, when , actually,he had his teeth cleaned a year ago at a home town veternary clinic. Again upping the anty of my Basic Plan to the Basic Plus which, of course, included the Dental! I'm going, dental on a dog? Hmmm....keep in mind, this is my "baby". I do brush his teeth and he eats the Virbac C.E.T. chews for his treats! All his life!

OK, so I take him in for his follow-up visit for his "Bladder Infection". His breath smelling awful (like ***). They took him back to their area -"Hey, has anyone EVER been back in "THEIR" area"???????? I haven't!!!! Came back to tell me that they could not get a urinalysis as he was empty, which I didn't question; but that his teeth were in IMMEDIATE need of a cleaning was the ANSWER - SEEMS their answer for everything. The vet went on to explain that if I would up my "Plan" to include dental that the "Urinalysis" would be covered along with the cleaning - that very day! After careful discussion with my husband...we agreed....they would NOT let us alone regarding the teeth figured it must be so! OKAY (I know, you are waiting for the final complaint).

.....I went to pick him up...he looked awful (of course coming out of anithesia)...but ....was told that he needed to be on pain pills for the next 5 days....I'm wondering WHY! While they were doing the teeth cleaning....SIX (6) teeth FELL out. I'm going ..."Fell OUT"!!!!!! what in the world! I asked the Pet Nurse....If they were so weak....why did they not "FALL OUt" while I was brushing them????? Her answer was....I don't know, but it happened!

I was left with my baby boy in my arms and my jaw open as far as my toes in disbelief of what had just been laid on me! No Vet or should I say "the" Vet would even come out and counsel me on this. I was on my own with this news!

Me and the boy are good tonight, but still in disbelief of what happened to us and now he is missing his 6 front lower teeth!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I've been to this clinic, and I've experienced their used-car salesman 'upsell' techniques, so I'm not debating that issue. This would NOT be my first choice of clinics, except they do offer reasonable hours and are considerably cheaper than going to the emergency vet.

I've only been there as a substitute for the e-vet, never for reg care.

What I do want to offer is that, yes, teeth do fall out during a dental. I was a vet tech for years and have done many dentals.

On some dogs, particularly small dogs like yours, once the plaque is removed, the teeth actually do simply fall out, like the hard plaque was keeping them in place. I know, sounds crazy, but true.


I would strongly recommend NOT using any of the Banfield locations. It is a revolving door of Doctors with poor communication skills on all ends.

One Dr. will tell you one thing about your pet one month then you bring it back in for a concern a few months later and a different Dr. has a completely different opinion. All costing you a fortune--even with the fraud they call their "insurance." The place is a complete scam and unless you want your undergoing undo trauma of different medications, treatments, all costing you a fortune while they are trying to do a diagnosis of your poor animal do not go here.

They miss key things and have so many pets that you are just a number and $ sign to them. :eek :cry :x


I had a simliar experience, the nurse introduced herself as Hi, my name is Cassie, I asked her what she thought the problem was, she said, "I am not sure, I'm new." If you care about your pet, I would think twice about taking them here.


Thanks, "J". Your compassion is very soothing, unlike George.

But, with the dental work, I think my baby is doing good. I guess it is something people need to realize before buying a Yorkie. I brush his teeth, no table scraps and you still get gum problems. I guess with any small dog, it is the norm.

But my problem was wondering why I had to go a month before someone could diagnose OR treat my dying dog????

I want to say, tho, that Banfield has done an excellent job of cleaning my Yorkies' teeth.

they look so great and bad breath is gone. :p


When an animal is really sick it may not be the best thing to do a surgical cleaning - it could endanger his life. My 14 yr old yorkie was very sick with an undiagnosible problem and dehydrated - and was almost put down.

During an initial examination when he was first brought in, I was told that he needed a teeth cleaning and that his plaque was severe BUT the first thing was to figure out what was wrong with him and get him healthy enough to have his teeth cleaned!!!. You don't sound like a bad owner despite #1's comment... but next time you run into a bunch of IDIOTS you get your pet the *** out of there and go straight to the U of M small animal hospital ! My yorkie is on home-administered Sub Q fluids and meds.

It's been a year and we're not able to anesthetize him for a teeth cleaning but he's very active & comfortable and doing well... thanks to my avoidance of strip mall, store-linked so called vets!


Yorkies need dental care starting at 8mths. You can start crying when you get your Vet degree and see what neglect you see coming in from bad owners like you..


OMG!!! Your poor Yorkie.

I was told that I should go to the banfield here in Burnsville by a friend of mine that has 2 Yorkies and 2 Cats. I am scared to now. This is my first Yorkie baby and I don't want anything to happen to him as I have been waiting forever to get one of these precious dogs. I feel so bad for your young Yorkie losing his front teeth.

Did you ever go back and request/demand to speek to the one that cleaned your dogs teeth to see what could have happened that could have caused this?

He was only 4yrs old for gods sake. He shouldn't be loosing his teeth at 4yrs old!!!!