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I was taken advantage of by a very unethical hospital manager for over a year. She took advantage of me financially, lied about my performance, forced me to sign documents that I didn't agree with under penalty of being suspended if I didn't, continuously criticized my performance without offering any suggestions for improvement or providing training.

I'm not the only one she has done this to.

I've seen the phone number for the employee relations department, is there a way to submit it online? I've drafted a letter and would rather submit it in writing.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi exbanfieldemployee - I understand your frustration, and I am truly sorry about your experience as a member of our hospital team. To address your concerns directly through Banfield’s People & Organization team (P&O), please email ARTeam@banfield(dot)net. I know that you have already seen our phone number, but please feel free to call the Associate Relations line at 503-922-5153 if you would like further assistance.

Most sincerely,

The Banfield Team


If you want to go through the proper channels you start with your field director. If not comfortable with him/her find out who your associate relations specialist is.

Then there's always mars ombudsman. The sign with that info should be posted in your hospital.