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DONT EVER GO TO BANFIELD, YOU WILL REGRET IT! First let me say I know the "plan" is a wellness plan, not pet insurance. I am not expecting non-covered illnesses provided for free, as you might see is some other reviews. In fact I did always laugh at the statements claiming I have saved $1000, even $2000 and more with a WELLNESS plan. What a joke. But I did not fully comprehend how much they overcharge for what is not covered until it too late. The "Plan" is designed to sound like some great money saver, but really is just to suck you in to a never ending money pit. Amazing how we can never leave without a bill, or at least a recommendation, to spend at least $200. NOT a free office visit!!

I have lately had so many issues I don't know which one to highlight. A warning, you will not get out of there for the "free, included" services without a high bill. There are hidden charges which are not disclosed when you sign up. Worst of all, if your "free" service requires some blood work, they run it and if they don't like it for any reason, they charge you $160 for the blood work. Other vets we have checked with charge $70. For me Banfield said run another $40 test or pay $160, so I was presented a $200 bill, with no "free" service provided.

At this point I don't trust their competency either. The treatments rarely work. A specific instance which destroyed any remaining sense of trust, we took dog in because we knew she was chomping on things in the yard and was acting funny. After the "exam" in the secret back room, while we were waiting 30 minutes for them to write up an expensive treatment plan including X-rays and such my 10 year old discovered a stick lodged between teeth at the roof of her mouth. Did I say there exams are worthless? I could write up so many horror stories, maybe I'll write up one a month each time they extract more undeserved money from my credit card.

So I am stuck on this wellness plan for another 6 or more months, but afraid to use it. In summary, if the wellness plan were free, YOU WILL STILL PAY MORE MONEY GOING TO BANFIELD THAN IF YOU JUST GO TO REGULAR VET. I also hold Petsmart responsible for continuing to partner with such a shoddy corporation, and I will avoid Petsmart as well unless inconvenient.

If you think the reviews on this site are one sided, only complaints, just google "review banfield pet hospital" and you will see page after page full of severely negative reviews, with only a positive review here or there. Many people complain they cannot rate Banfield NEGATIVE 5 stars. And if you are angry and want to do something more, I ran across this page. If you are thinking of going to Banfield, if you see the word Banfied (or Petsmart for that matter), TURN AROUND AND RUN AWAY FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

I know Banfield will reply with their form letter, asking me to call customer support. Well I already did that. They just send us in circles and in the end state the decision is completely up to the location manager (who we have many of the problems with in the first place). Feels like a system intentionally setup to frustrate us until we just give up, with no hope of resolution. A direct quote from a Banfield customer advocate "we are only here to document and send it out. We have absolutely no control over the outcome". Did I say DON'T GO TO BANFIELD? They will suck you dry.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I just called your wellness Plan "TEAM" which consists of a recording telling you to leave a matter how many times you call it's the answer you will get. :zzz


You said, "I will be bringing his ashes into you for his regular visits and requiring examination, blood works, ex rays, teeth cleaning and vaccinations and anything else I am still paying you for." - You don't pay for these services if you haven't used them. If you need to cancel the plan for any reason (including the unfortunate passing of your pet), you only have to pay retail price of the services you have ALREADY used. It's not like you are paying for services that you will never get to use.


I won't go into a looooooonnnnng story about problems that I had but since my dog was unable to use the services on the wellness plan and you won't let me cancel it, I will be bringing his ashes into you for his regular visits and requiring examination, blood works, ex rays, teeth cleaning and vaccinations and anything else I am still paying you for.


Dontdoit... Thank you for providing this feedback.

We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals did not meet your expectation. We strive to provide our clients and their pets with high quality medicine and exceptional client experiences on every visit. Please remember our plans are preventive services packaged together at a highly discounted price and with the convenience of a 12-month financing option. Wellness Plans can be cancelled at any time, we simply ask that the client pay for the services already used at full retail cost, or the remainder of the monthly payments, whichever is less.

In other words, customers who do cancel are not asked to pay for services that they do not use.

Please call our Wellness Plan Team at 88-649-2716 if you have any questions about cancelling. Again thank you for your feedback.

@Banfield Pet Hospital

Banfield in Deptford, NJ killed my Pomeranian, Missy on 11/25/2014. Then they had the NERVE to had me a bill for over $300 for *** I didnt authorize and was against.

I didnt pay it and I stopped paying my wellness plans for all 3 of my dogs who were on the highest plans. I am NOT giving Banfield another cent of my money again ever, and I have boycotted all products made by the Mars Candy Company. Giving another cent to Mars would be disrespecting Missy.

This same Banfield had diagnosed my other Pomeranian, Temari with Pancreatitis about 6 months earlier. She needed a $250 test, then 3 kinds of medication and special food.

I never got to see any test results and after reading the symptoms of this illness. I highly doubt if she ever had it to begin with since she never had vomiting or diarreah or loss of appetite.

She still has bad gas and loud stomach grumbling and thats probably all that was ever wrong with her to begin with.

You can read Missy's story at