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My dog was a patient there for 6 years and had the Wellness Plan for 34.95 a month. Rarely did we see the same vet more than once over that 6 year period.

It was impersonable and made them less aware of my dogs actual condition which in turn probably cost her her life. My dog was 6.5 years old healthy and active. Then I discovered a lump. It was removed but came back as mast cell cancer.

Stage II. The vet said it was removed with clean borders and we needed no further treatment. I of course listened, because well that is their profession. About four weeks later by dog developed a cough.

I took her in and they diagnosed her with bronchitis and prescribed her numerous pills. A week later she was worse. Had a cough, her breathing was labored and she was refusing to eat. I took her back they said it was probably acid reflux and bronchitis.

She continued to get worse. I had her back three days later complaining that she was throwing up and some contained blood. Again they gave us more antibiotics. I asked if they thought this had to deal with the cancer?

They said no. Three days later I took her back yet again. She was still refusing to eat. They told me to get Prilosec that everything else looked good (Saturday).

I had it. I took her to another vet after a few more days of no improvement. On Thursday that vet took a new chest xray and told me my dog had cancer and was anemic. I took her home and took her for a third opinion Friday.

That vet told me she had cancer and to immediately start predisone which should have been given after any mast cell diagnoses. My dog died 14 hours later from internal bleeding caused by the cancer. My dog went from Banfields diagnoses of acid reflux to death by cancer in 5 days.

They then tried to get me to pay 900 dollars to close my account.

Six years of loyalty, always paying my bills, and sticking by them and trying to give them the benefit of the doubt to figure out my dogs illness...ended with me losing my 6.5 year old best friend.

Shameless company and terribly trained vets. In the end you don't save money and you may lose your friend way to early!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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Who would put ***? Ridiculous and hurtful.

My best friend died. I still wipe away tears frequently. You should be ashamed if you put that. I just hope this review helps someone positively.

I have a new puppy and I have pet insurance through a legit company and go to one of the best vets now. I learned my lesson and I'm so sad my Jenna Bean had to die to learn it.

Shame on you if you put ***. Actually ***.


So sorry for your loss! It must have been traumatizing losing your friend so quickly!

Don´t count the Bull*** I´m sure its nothing personal maybe just Banefield "associates" trying to make every review making them look bad seem illegitimate?!


"Could you please call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288 or email cat(at)banfield(dot)com so we can work to avoid this type of medical error from occurring in the future? "

Did I just see Banfield admit to a "medical error"?


I've already spoken to your team. You did not charge me.

I appreciate that. But I think people need to know about the quality of care my dog received and how membership cancellation was handled.

I don't want anyone to go to Banfield and I want that to be known. I have no interest in talking to anyone else from your company at this time.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi Sumit010- Thank you for letting us know about your experience at our Durham hospital and we are so sorry to hear about your dog. We strive to provide quality medical care, and we’d like to discuss your experience to find opportunities for improvement. Could you please call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288 or email cat(at)banfield(dot)com so we can work to avoid this type of medical error from occurring in the future?

Most sincerely,


Banfield Online Community Manager