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I posted a complaint on this site in April--I can't find it now. What happened was, I took a guinea pig in with an anal prolapse. The doctor prescribed a treatment and sent us home. Before I had a chance to use any of the meds, he died.

I called to ask if the meds could be returned, and they said no, the meds are not returnable, and just get a new guinea pig.

I had a fit. I complained to Banfield Corporate Offices, and a few days later, the office manager called me and gave me a full refund. I thanked her--I was truly appreciative.

I had had some good service from Banfield in the past, so I decided to keep seeing them for my other animals. I called to inquire about prescription refills on two different medications, and I was told that they were back-ordered. I said okay, and called back a couple of weeks later. Still back-ordered. A few days later, I called with a question and was told I would get a call-back, and there was no call-back.

Today, I got a CERTIFIED letter in the mail from Banfield, terminating our service, and enclosing my pets' medical records.

I can understand that they don't want to deal with me anymore, but I don't care for their passive-aggressive attitude. Pretending that the meds were "back-ordered," when they had no intention of selling me anything!

Also, getting a fat envelope by Certified Mail is a bit frightening--I have had some legal threats made to me, and all I could think of was that it was some kind of lawsuit. There was no return address on the envelope.

I wish they could have told me, like grownups, that they didn't want me or my pets back to their clinic, instead of being so underhanded, pretending they were going to get back to me, when they knew they never would.

All that lying is unprofessional and unnecessary.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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To Jeff:

Thank you for your response. Actually, I am not in as much pain as someone whose animal was negligently killed by Banfield, but I am in pain.

I have dealt with this Banfield facility for about two years, and they have been fairly nice to deal with, up until my recent guinea-pig debacle.

They apologized and gave me my money back in April. I was impressed with this, and so I decided I would like to keep doing business with them. Whenever I called, however, I got excuses about the meds I needed being "back-ordered."

This went on for about one month. Then, without warning, I received a fat envelope by Certified Mail, with no return address or indication as to who the sender was.

Since I have been hassled and threatened for the past ten years by one individual, my first thought was that it was some kind of legal problem, and I was frightened.

When I opened the envelope and saw that it was from Banfield, I was floored.

They could have told me right up front that they wanted to give me my records back. They didn't have to play elementary-school games with me.

I'm an older, disabled woman--what do they think I'm going to do??

Perhaps you are confusing cruelty with being witty.



I do try to show compassion when people appear to be in pain, but in this case there is no mention of sadness on this person's part. She is just mad about a situation, one that she had a part in creating.

Did banfield treat her right? I can't say, as we only have one side of the story here. try to remember that when people go on bashing others on this site.


To Jeff:

Perhaps you're right. Perhaps it is ironic. However, it's a miserable experience to be mis-treated by a merchant, and doubly miserable for folks who lose a beloved pet due to stupidity and incompetence.

I know that Banfield is not responsible for the death of my pet. But some folks here are in a lot of pain over lame medical mistakes.

I hope you have the willingness to show those people some compassion, rather than just laughing at their pain.


Just here to show the irony of the situation.


To Jeff:

Are you just here to mock people?

Sometimes, as a consumer, all you can do is vent your frustration. This board provides that service.


I guess they could have been all grown up like you and post about you on a complainer's website. I don't think that you should be throwing stones.


Sounds like you are far better off. Its sad that anyone would not have the medications available that they prescribed though.

Did your pets go without the meds due to that? Lord i hope not...