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After having issues with my cat still having fleas after using the First Shield medicine that Banfield sells (the only flea med they sell) I called them only to have the receptionist at the Medford, OR location tell me it was all my fault. That I wasn't doing something correctly or that we had an infestation in our house and that we needed to treat all animals.

She wouldn't stop talking long enough to listen to me tell her that 1. We applied as directed 2. We have hard wood floors and NO ONE has had a flea *** 3. We have NO other animals.

I have always used Frontline with complete success. Now I read everyone else has the same issues with this *** medicine that they are probably selling only to make a larger profit. I will never go back there. They screwed up my former cats surgery and it had to be re-done and my cat was in pain.

I should not have even considered using them again even if it was just for medication. They are HORRIBLE and should be charged with animal cruelty for what they do.

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Omg yes the banfield flea and tick medicine sucks!!! I am so angry.

I have ways used front line and that always worked. They told me this was better - what a joke. My DPG still has fleas!! Made my cat sick!

I am so upset. Never again will I go to ban field again!


I have used this product and it works perfectly fine. I have also used frontline in the past and it does not work anywhere near as well.


Frontline and Advantage do not work in my area "Tualatin, OR" while First Shield works great. I was told by the vet that it can vary widely by an area because the fleas in the general out door population will eventually build tolorances to different medications that are common in that area.

I have 2 20 LBS cats and can usually get away with one dose about every 2 months till I start seeing them again.

"ps my cats are not obese... I like to adopt from shelters and my favorite cats are big vocal lap kitties"


none of these products work. Ive been using Advantage.

And i have to put it on my dog weekly. And for only maybe two fleas cause it dont work for a whole month like they say


Educate yourself before you complain. They were just trying to tell you it was NOT the product.

It is not a magic potion. Have my dogs on FIRST SHIELD NEVER HAD A PROBLEM YET.

But i keep them on it year round. They have NEVER HAD A FLEA.


Frontline is not the only flea preventative they sell for cats. They also carry Revolution for cats, unfortunately not for dogs though.


First of all.... please educate yourself on the flea life cycle, before you complain about a product.

It takes at LEAST 90 days to break the cycle... that means THREE months of CONTINUOUS use!! That also goes for ALL flea products. Fleas eggs can lay dormant and get in the baseboards of your house..

YES EVEN if you have hardwood floors!

Second.... you have to treat ALL areas that your pets comes in contact with!! Wash bedding, and even treat your house.

Your pet got the fleas from somewhere, so find the source? does the cat go outside?? EVERYTHING needs to be treating.. the product will work, as long as your house is clean, which obviously it must not be!!!


you say you used Frontline before? how come your cat keeps getting fleas?

I have had my cats for years and NEVER one flea!!! I see something wrong with your household!


Flea, like ticks, lay eggs everywhere. You can treat your pet with any product but if you don't take care of the flea infestation in your house, your not doing anything.

These fleas can live without their prey for a long time. Educate yourself from these things instead of posting blogs all day dumby.


Flea eggs can live on hardwood too. You probably have to treat your cat for several months (with ANY brand) before you see the fleas disappear completely.