Castro Valley, California

Banfield's Wellness Plan is a SCAM and a RIPOFF!

Do your research before you get scammed yourself.

They have been ripping me off for the last two years. I now try and cancel and they tell me owe them a balance of $170.

They begged my wife to stay in the plan and try to "GIVE US A DEAL"

NO THANK YOU! We cancelled anyway as they try to scam you into another year of services.



I would love to hear from anyone else that would like to put together a lawsuit to put this company away!

Brian Wasem


Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Are you sure Banfieldd was not responsible for your puppy's sickness? They are heartless Greedy monsters.


What a coincidence the balance that Banfield claims I owe them is $170.06 after they nearly killed my cat and I spent over $2000.00 at another animal hospital....

$170 must be the number they use thinking people will just pay! Shame on them Greedy Bas*ards.


The reason for the wellness Plan sounding so beneficial is, it includes the cost of office visits that are actually reasonable and in line with most vet's office visit charge. Now where the plan is not so beneficial is Banfield charges over $400.00 for spaying/neutering, this cost is very high compared to many regular vet spay/neuter costs.

The Wellness plan includes basic puppy booster shots, routine exams and I believe it also includes a 1year Rabies and DHPP vaccination as well once the puppy is old enough for the 1 year adult vaccinations. However, any additional tests i.e. blood work, stool testing, X-Rays, medications etc are NOT included or covered in the Wellness Plan and will cost you additional out of pocket money.

People for some reason assume that the Wellness Plan covers all sorts of medical treatments and testing when it in fact does NOT.

Its a general Wellness Plan only, not a puppy/cat/dog health insurance plan. Needless to say the Wellness Plan coverage's are limited.


Most vet's with something known as integrity usually will include a free vet check. It is only scam places like Banfield that does not.


I rather agree with you. I signed up for the plan as well and thought at the time it would save me some monies in the long run.

However, my puppy passed away suddenly at 8 months old and I had only taken her in 3 times.

Her initial check up, 1 puppy booster shot and stool check for parasites that was neg but they gave her deworming liquid anyway. The plan was to include spaying but she passed prior to the spaying performed. I called and asked for a refund of any balance remaining since I paid for the Wellness Plan in full at the time I signed up and I was informed that under no circumstances are refunds given even in the event a pet should pass away one is still responsible for paying the total 1 year cost of the plan. Not to mention the plan will automatically be renewed if you fail to cancel prior to 90 days of the current plan expiring.

These few bits of information are not mentioned when you take out the initial Wellness Plan. But its in the fine print on the Wellness contract.