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My best friend in the world, my companion, and my soul mate (my cat) went in because he wouldn't stop vomitting. Although I was able to hold him before, Banfield no longer allows owners to hold, touch, look at, or pet their animal once inside the room and placed on the cold metal slab.

I asked the little Vet Assistant if my cat could at least look at me while being examined. Without answering, she put a grey towel over his head and rammed a themometer up his butt. He was then taken to a romm to await a urinalysis. They returned my cat to me 3 hours later, soaked in his own urine from top to bottom, in his carrying case in which still remained a good quarter inch of his own urine.

I questioned them, "I know he had to urinate, but why did you leave him to marinate in it?" Her response, "We were afraid to touch him." AFRAID TO TOUCH THE CAT? ISN'T THAT WHAT YOU GET PAID FOR?

When the Vet saw that my cat had been returned to me soaked in his own waste, she handed me paper towels and asked the assistant to clean out the carrying case.

I have heard other bad things about Banfield but didn't want to believe them. Now, I most certainly do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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I am so sorry for your terrible experience. I am very familiar with a Banfield in a different area and I can assure you they are not all like the one where you and your cat had such poor service.

That said, unfortunately, there seems to be a lack of consistency with this chain that has become too large for its own good. There are some wonderful people at this location, a few not so great. It should be the same care at every one of their hospitals, and it certainly is not. Since being taken over by the giant conglomerate, Mars, inc., money has become the driving factor instead of care and compassion.

Since I have been familar with Banfield for a few years, I know what it was like before this became such a problem. A number of the wonderful people I mentioned are seeking employment elsewhere because of this.

The doctors who are good, compassionate and care about their clients and their pets are constantly under fire and condemned for not "making their numbers." Private practices can certainly be more expensive, but they are usually run differently and are most often in a position to give more consistent, quality care. I truly feel for you and your kitty and wish the best for both of you.


I have concluded that it is kind of like a franchise - totally dependent on the location!! Maybe see if there is another one near you - I was kinda wary, but our cat was 10, so hard to get other insurance.

But he's gone a few times now, and everything has been alright: just gotta be sure to ask all your questions up front.

I think they may have recently changed their phone service as well - for months I had been getting the run around to get the Firstshield off my plan (no heartworm protection for outdoor pets is ***) with the support of the vets - finally used the number listed above - and resolved within minutes!!!!!

The nice woman who answered said they recently changed the system to give more control the the phone operators - so give em a call!!


I have never had this issue, they allow me to hold my pet on the bench and only when they need to do they put her on the table. And I am there with them to help.

Now my other dog who will fight tooth and nail, they require several assistants to hold him down and they do take him to the back, but they have never mistreated him, and actually they all like my dogs and think they are the cutest. They even cried with me when I told them that BlackJack had been hit by a car. They are very caring, overworked and even with that they give the best customer service. When I was down on my luck, they even worked out the extra cost with me, until I could afford to pay.

I wish that all of the stores were as good as mine. And even in private practice, you don't know how good the vet is, until something happens. I took my 16 year old shitzu to a vet that had all these degrees, did a teaching coop at our locale university, and even had pictures of her with Ronald Regan. She misdiagnosed my pet and caused him to have liver failure, not once did she reduce the fees, and the only good thing about her, was she allowed me to take my pet home to bury after we had to put him down.

She was very expensive and we spent over 3500 for her services and she overdosed my dog and even said that. Did she care, who knows she still got her money. I was so glad to take my babies to Banfield, they got excellent care, and the bill monthly made a difference in being able to afford the routine visits. My older dog had the dental cleaning and they charged 124 to remove his tooth and wanted to do it during the cleaning since he would be out for the cleaning, thus saving me money since it would have cost for the anesthesia to just remove his tooth.

I'm sorry that you had to pay so much. I wonder if they charge per tooth?


Dont take your cat back to them!!!! They only have one interest, upselling products and services, your best friend is whom they use to get you.

Banfield killed our cat almost 7 months ago, they gave us a 6 month break then started charging us again for the wellness plan.

Called them today there will be 4 more payments coming out. this is in altamonte springs fl as an FYI...


The Banfields in Panama City will not honor "Free Visit" coupons for new customers. They are very unprofessional and have been reprimanded by the Better Business Bureau for false advertisement.

They are clearly all about the money and not your precious pet! :(


Sounds like you just got a *** Vet Asst. they're in every line of work. As for the cold metal table, it's metal because metal is easy to sanitize, it's cold because metal doesn't retain heat very well.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi TylerDerden23 - I am sorry that you were not satisfied with the customer service you received at our Portland location, but thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experience.

We strive to provide exceptional customer service to our customers, and we truly appreciate your honest opinion about your experience with us. Could you please call our Client Advocate Team, toll-free, at 877-500-2288 or email cat(at)banfield(dot)com to talk this through with us in more detail?

Most sincerely,


Banfield Online Community Manager


Although Im not thrilled with Banfield, I have not found your comments to be true at my Banfield. True they did want to take my puppy in the back for care, I requested all exams, injections etc be done in the room with me.

They complied with no hesitation. Also I have never been told not to touch my guy, as I hold him and comfort him the whole time.


This is so sad. :( I am very protective of my animals and generally avoid vets that won't allow me to see what they're doing with my pet.

Your poor kitty! :sigh