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Banfield Newnan is the worst Vet Experience I've ever had!

The staff is beyond rude, and are the most unprofessional people I've ever seen.

From personal experience, our dogs didn't even see a vet and the bill was nearly $400.

I was hung up on requesting records. I called the Corp Office, they did nothing either.

The staff at Banfield is unprofessional, inept, and seem to lack proper training.

The saying.. "I wouldn't let them touch my dog" is true in the case of Banfield!


Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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File a complaint with the state board of veterinains in yout town, Good Luck!


I sent this email to them the day we got back home from a first time visit for our dog Bella, they haven't responded yet, two days so far.. we have another appointment on Friday, after that initial experience, I've been seriously concidering finding a local vet.

Here's my email:

"My name is Michelle , My husband, Andre took our puppy, Bella to Banfield, she's a chihuahua mix who has swelling in her leg after jumping off our sofa.

We visited Hospital #0632 @5572 Fairmont PKWY in Pasadena, TX. Dr. Thibault was Bella's Dr.

The issue:

We left Bella there for examination, upon pickup, the woman at the front desk was cheery and bubbly with the customer before us, all was well, until she got to my husband, and it was like someone immediately deflated her, literally, she began to take deep breaths, shaking her head, like in unbelief, no eye contact, no smile, we hadn't even said anything but hello. Then the whole while we spoke to the Dr.

I basically got the impression that we weren't capable of owning a dog! She kept saying, "what do you wanna do?!" and "it's not fair for her to suffer!" But we had already told her we were making the appoint to hv the procedure done! That wasn't good enough, she went on to say, "ya know it's not just about one splint and some ×rays, there would be multiple visits, at least five, what do you wanna do?!" We're like mam, we're bringing her in, sheesh!! Then she began explaining all that Bella would need and the fees that came along with these svcs.

All her mannerisms told me that she didn't think we could even afford it.

I have thick skin, so I really don't care about racism, if that was even the case. I'm an RN, I deal with it all the time, so I'm not whining here by no means. The thing is, this was my husband's first time at a vet, and the whole experience, they never took their animals to a vet as a kid, but he wanted to try, he wanted Bella for the girls and he wanted to do it right!

Ultimately they made him feel like not even wanting to come back for the procedure. That's not how it should be, I understand that your staff loves animals, and thats priority, that's all good, but, what about people skills? I left there feeling very angry, instead of excited that we found a vet who's gonna fix our baby. I don't know how you all take feedback from customers, actually, I don't think this email will go past just being read.

But either way, I plan to speak to them on Friday myself, very professionally of course, because my first impression of Banfield really REALLY sucks, do these "professionals" I encountered today reflect Banfield? Usually and probably. Being a nurse, I've never treated any patient or family member the way we were treated today. It really cost nothing to be kind.

If we didn't care, we wouldn't have been at the pet hospital. Thank you for your time, sorry this was so long. Michelle" After reading reviews here, I have serious thoughts on returning.

Money is not tight, too tight to give it to some big careless corporation.