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I had the most expensive plan that banfield offers for years. I found out that other companies were offering less for their services so i decided to cancel my plan.

When i call the toll free number the agent Andrew was very rude and got upsat that i wanted to cancel the plan, he ended up hanging up the phone before finishing the service. I had to call back, waited long in the line to get somebody named Angela which was 10 times more rude than the first agent. She started to argue with me for no reason and she also hung up on me. Banfield over charge for everything and they always say the pet is sick.

Once you make an appoitment you still have to wait very long time to see the vet.

Do not get Banfield for your own sake. Horrible costumer service and very expensive.

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Banfield Pet Hospital

Thank you for voicing your concerns, Liloandstick. I hear your frustration, and I'm sorry that you had difficulty cancelling your plan.

Your input does help us provide better service and care for our furry patients, so thank you for feedback. I know that you have already contacted our company, but I am hoping that you see fit to reach out to our Wellness Plan Relations Team to see if there is any way that we may be able to assist you.

If you have any concerns that have not yet been addressed, please contact them by calling our toll-free number at 866-894-7927 or WellnessPlanRelations(at)banfield(dot)net. Most sincerely, Lisa Banfield Online Community Manager