Mooresville, North Carolina
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I got a puppy so of course Banfield made the wellness plan sound like the best idea since puppies need lots of boosters and that gets expensive. She went in for her routine shots; later that night she had a reaction (even tho I paid for the benadryl).

The fluids turned into a solid mass so Banfield said to put a hot towel on it. A week later it was still several inches in diameter (shes only 12 ibs) and they said they would have to do a biopsy that would cost over $100 to make sure it wasn't cancerous. I got a second opinion at my boyfriend's vet after hearing my puppy might have cancer b/c of their shots! The other vet gave me inflammation pills (for free) and the mass went away within the wk.

Even though I was unsatisfied I couldn't cancel my plan until the year was paid! Banfield is ridiculous you're better off going to a different and better vet!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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I believe only cats can get cancer from vaccines, not dogs.