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I brought my dog in for a teeth cleaning. When I came to pick her up, she could barely stand.

The vet said it was a bad reaction to the anesthesia and not to be concerned. She would be better in 24-48 hours. I called the next morning worried as she still was extremely weak and not eating. Again I was assured that she would improve shortly and to bring her in the next morning if still struggling.

3 hours later my wonderful, and completely healthy dog died. The vet assured me that never happened before and he was very distraught.

To make matters worse, there is a charge to cancel your account, even though they killed your pet, and they continue to bill my credit card the $38.95 monthly charge.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Dental Cleaning.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The Banfield vet told me that my dog’s dental cleaning and possible extractions would cost at a minimum 2,000.00 , I’ve done some comparisons and that estimate was totally bogus, I’ve lost trust in them and want to cancel my 3 dog’s Wellness Plans. I’ve had the plans for 8 years .


I had a similar incident at my Banfield in Oklahoma City over 5 years ago. I dropped my Great Dane off for annual check up and when I returned they told me to give her a minute she was having a hard time getting up.

I immediately asked them to take me to my pet, she was paralyzed from the waste down. The Vet tried to tell me that she came in that way, I asked to see the store camera's because she jumped in and out of my car and was in perfect health before coming in to the clinic. I told them that I wanted her seen by a specialist immediately and that they will pay the bill and they did. The problem resolved itself, they thought the run that they kept her in may have cause a blood clot to form in her spine from laying on the cold floor for so long and it worked itself out eventually.

I am so sorry to say this because they also are very available to me when I have needed them and are always friendly, but they do try to upsell their services so be careful to evaluate the situation and maybe get a 2nd opinion. It is usually cheaper to see a local vet on prices than to have work done at the clinic, the discounted rates are usually higher than a local vet.


The vet said your dog had a (bad) reaction to the anesthesia. Sounds as if your dog had a lethal reaction to the anesthesia.

Furthermore your dog should have been able to walk out with you without having excessive physical difficulties when you picked the dog up. Under the circumstances and the vet knowing your dog was having/had an adverse reaction to the anesthesia the dog should have been kept under observation for an additional period of time/a few hours, rather then being released from medical care while in visually unstable condition.


There's always a risk anytime a pet goes under anesthesia. I'm very sorry for your loss, but since you didn't have a necropsy performed, there's no way to know why she actually passed away.

You cannot blame the vet when you don't have facts.

Also, if you were really concerned, you could have taken her for a second opinion elsewhere. If anything, the banfield staff is good at putting notes into the computer and documenting everything in the medical records (which cannot be changed). Especially for surgeries. It has the amount of fluids given, premeds given/the dose given, stats every 5min the patient was under anesthesia (heart rate, temp, respiratory rate, blood pressure etc) etc.

You can get a copy of all medical records and have another vet review them. However, even with that, again, since a necropsy wasn't performed there's no way to know why the pet passed away.

As for the wellness plan, people need to read what they sign. In the contract, it specifically states that if you cancel before the year is up, for whatever reason, including a pet passing away, you either pay the remainder of the months you owe or the services you've already used (at cost) whichever is CHEAPER.

It's NOT insurance.

They are NOT charging you for anything you haven't used.

DO NOT cancel your credit/debit card. You will go into collections.

The banfield I use has always been amazing and I've never had any problems.


Seriously?! The vet was a ***!

I have never gotten a pet back that was so disoriented! If I had any concerns, I can always drop by and have a vet tech check and make sure they are okay. Animals all react differently, my Savannah was combative and angry, while my other cats would just sleep or meow loudly. But they could move around!

The vet she of evaluated the pet on person instead of dismissing her concerns. But that is what uncaring heartless vet's do at Banfield. Instead of owning up to the vet over medicated the pet, somehow it is the owner's fault for listening to that quack. To add insult to injury these jerks are making her pay off the services for a dog their moronic vet killed?!

Ya, you work for them.

Maybe find a heart.

I am sorry for your loss. I hope you eventually find a new puppy to bring you the love and companionship you pet that passed did.


Because you were there right? You know the pet, the medication given, dosage given, correct dosage, medical history etc Right?

You work in the veterinary field right?

The premeds are dosed based on weight. It is double checked. A pet can have a bad reaction to anesthesia or a premed and it's nothing a vet did wrong.

All pets react differently to premeds and anesthesia. Some are up 20min later, some are groggy for days. It all depends on that individual pet.

My own pet stopped breathing when we were extubating him after his dental. We got him breathing again and he's fine now.

But it was absolutely nothing my doctors or the tech doing the dental on him did wrong.

Deaths during/after anesthesia can and do occur everywhere. The

Anesthesia is never 100% safe and there is always risks. Some that can't be foreseen.

Banfield uses one of the absolute safest anesthesia out there. They have someone monitoring (not just relying on machines but also physically monitoring ) the pet during the entire procedure.

The reason you hear about Banfield is because they are corporate and there are many more of them than regular private clinics. You should see the reviews, hear the things I've heard and seen the things I've seen about the PRIVATE OWNED clinics around my area. In fact, recently at a private owned, NON banfield clinic, a tech (who was not licensed, but even if she was it's not okay) was arrested for stealing drugs and surgery supplies from the clinic and performing surgery AT HER HOUSE on clients pets.

When I was at banfield we saw multiple pets, who came from private clinics, that were in severe condition due to the lack of care from the vet there. There are bad vets out there, banfield or not, but a majority of them truly care about the well being of the pets. When something happens to a pet, everyones first and only thought is to blame the vet. They try to ruin the careers of vets and techs who are amazing and have dedicated their lives to helping animals.

Nobody ever wants to blame the owner and nobody ever wants to believe that things can happen where nobody is at fault. People who don't work in the veterinary field have no idea about veterinary medicine. There are so many people who lie & don't tell the full story, when something happens just because they want to blame the vet. You would not believe the ridiculous demands that alot of owners have.

The amount of ridiculous complaints and lies that people tell just to place blame on anyone but themselves. At some point, people need to start holding owners accountable as well. Did you know that veternarians have the number 1 suicide rate above any other profession? It's because people blame them for everything that happens, even when it wasn't their fault.

A pet is sick and the owner can't afford it, but then the vet gets bashed and their name gets run through the mud because they wouldn't treat for free. Not treating for free OBVIOUSLY means they have no heart. It couldn't possibly be because there's absolutely no such thing as treating for free. The money has to come from somewhere and if it doesn't come from the owner, it comes out of the vets and the staffs pockets.

That it fair. No I actually DON'T work for Banfield anymore. They don't value their doctors or employees. But the one I did work at had the 2 most incredible, compassionate doctors I ever met and worked with.

Trust me. I have a heart. I've had multiple clients tell me they are looking for a new vet now that I'm not there anymore. Multiple clients who have multiple pets on wellness plans, that they say they are going to cancel, no matter how much they have to pay to do it.

Multiple ones who would only come if I was there. Multiple clients who asked me, when I was just a receptionist, to be present during their pets euthanasia because they knew how much I loved their pet and treated them like my own.

I had clients trust me to pet sit , in their home, while they went away. I knew every pet and owner who came in by name without having to ask.


Call your CC issuer and let them know what happened to your dog and request that the card being charged be cancelled and a new card with new account number be issued. Under NO circumstances should you continue or should you be obligated to continue having to pay for the Wellness Plan considering your perfectly healthy dog passed away after having a routine teeth cleaning procedure performed. Something or someone caused the death of your pet and needs to be and should be held responsible.

You may want to consider contacting an attorney or filing a civil complaint in small claims court.


You are so ignorant and obviously have never worked in the vet field.

There is always a risk with anesthesia. Even with perfectly healthy pets.

Doesn't mean it was anything the vet or anyone else did wrong, especially since the pet didn't pass while under anesthesia, it passed at home days later. It could be completely unrelated to the procedure. You don't know. The owner doesn't know.

A necropsy was never performed.

But of course, everyone wants to automatically blame the vet!

Second, cancelling the credit/debit card is a sure way for them to be sent into collections. They signed a contract for the wellness plan


Do you actually think any Doctor would admit making a medical mistake that caused the loss of life.


There is no such thing as a blameless outcome. Everything that happen in life has a reason behind it for happening.


How old was the dog? To the best of your knowledge did the dog have any allergies to medications, foods or other medical conditions that you were aware of? The vet should have performed routine blood tests prior to giving the dog anesthesia as well as had the dog on a hart monitor while under anesthesia.

Its evident something happened and you need to find out exactly what did go wrong.


It sounds as if you dog was given an overdose of anesthesia. This is not the first time I've read something like this regarding the loss of a pet who was taken to Banfield for routine teeth cleaning.

Your best bet would be to contact a pet attorney who handles wrongful death of a pet due to negligence while under the care of a licensed vet in a medical facility.

I'm so sorry for your loss.


Wow - way to jump to a libelous conclusion of negligence based on a single paragraph containing almost no details! Actually, just like people, pets can have unexpected reactions to drugs used for anesthesia or have an underlying disease that cannot be detected just through pre-op bloodwork, so although uncommon, anesthetic related deaths can & do happen through no fault of the medical team....and perusing frivolous lawsuits is one of the thing driving medical & veterinary costs up.

Why not just ask the Vet what happened?

If you have any concerns or feel something is not explained fully then get a copy of the medical records and have an independent vet review the for you. Then, once you have the details, see if there is actually any wrongdoing, or if this was just an unfortunate but blameless outcome.