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I have taken my dog to Banfield, Point Loma for 4 years. They have gotten worst with time.

The new owner is pushing the Drs and staff to place medicine in the bags without discussing or even telling you. When I call them on it, they told me to bring it back. When I went back they told me first OK, would you like credit, then at the time of checking out they said it has been too long, I said it was only 10 days ago that you pleaced in my bag without my permission and charged me for it. When I called they told me to bring it back in the follow up.

Then they said "Well we can't take it back because is against the law" At that point I was so upset I left went home and place a dispute in my Credit Card. Thank God for American Express!

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The DVM's only work on commission.


I was sent home with a bottle of $80 pain relief medicine for my cat, enough for three days. After a day, I told Banfield my cat looks horrified after I give it to him.

When I returned, and he had surgery, they tried to give me another $80 bottle the same stuff. I declined it, as I still had about two days worth at home. Later, at home, my cat appeared to be "frozen" with pain, and the medicine I administered did not seem to be working. When I returned to Banfield, a technician commented, "That's odd they sent you home with this.

It's usually used in the surgery room, only." I left with an $11.00 bottle of pain medicine. My cat purred for the first time later that afternoon. There were other problems with Banfield, including estimating a $300 surgery, which ended up being in excess of $775. One of his front legs (not the one hooked up to IV) was injured (useless) for four days, due to dental surgery?

Staff are bright and bubbly. I DO NOT recommend Banfield for dental surgery.

Banfield Pet Hospital


Would you mind clarifying this issue with us? We'd be happy to discuss this with you. Our client advocate team can be reached at 877-500-2288.


You don't even know how to spell, how can we take this complaint seriously? Stop doing drugs.


The medications sent home with you should have been on your bill. If the receptionist went over the bill with you and itemized everything and you paid for it then that is you fault.

Dispensing medications in a veterinary hospital adheres to the same guidelines as those of a human pharmacy, once you leave you can't return them. Typically, the only medications that can be returned are those that are prepackaged with a seal and the seal has not been broken.