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Today, I had an appointment at the North Haven Banfield Hospital location.I recently decided to switch to this location after being unhappy at theBanfield in East Hartford, CT. I thought I would give it one more try.

Well, if I am writing this you know I am pissed. When I arrived for the appointment the desk person told me no doctors were in---did not show up etc. I had driven quite a distance and my pet is due for a re-test on hisliver enzymes--which are elevated. So, I was anxious to have this test done and profoundly hoping that all would be well. The attitude of "A"first letter of persons name was horrible. She could care less---simply said I am sorry---so lets move on....I have not been impressed with the overall quality of the vets at Banfield...quite a bit of turnover.

I have always felt that they would "tag" on items at checkout to beef up the final cost to me. It felt like I was in a showroom for animal care and not at a canine place for medical care. Something is wrong with this picture.

The current CEO was formerly with a major drug company --Mr. John Payne--so making a profit is probably the number one goal of this outfit---not high quality pet care they all advertise.

I have complained to their "Relations Team---they call it the Client Advocate---what a joke this is. Again, the person I spoke with on this team promised to give my complaint top notch attention and was to call me back within 3-5 days---well--you guess right--no phone call. When I called back-the person's attitude was like the clinic employee's---so what--move on....etc.

There have been times when the vet that was examining my pet would come into the room and would recommend treatment modalities that had already been completed or failed---a definite indication that my pet's history was not reviewed adequatley by the attending vet. I had to "correct" the vet.

There are other issues but take your pet elsewhere for high quality care.I am sure there may be better run Banfields but they all must operate according to the guidelines at the Corporate level---and Mr. Payne's number one job is to generate profit---not provide high quality pet care--it is all about sales.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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The so-called medical director's apathetic attitude is reflected in the lack of care people and their companions receive.

Banfield Sucks!!


It is also my experience that Banfield Hospital Vet care stinks!


One thing I have to agree with is deworming your pet. If you check the CDC guidelines all puppies and kittens should be dewormed on a regular basis due to zoonosis.

If you decide not to give your pet the dewormer thats all you. The vet has done his due dilligence in sending it home.


We signed our kitten up for the wellness plan...there were some things I did not want done ...giving a de-wormer...I told that to the staff. They tried 3 times to try to convince me to give in...I said NO!!!...So...we are walking out of Banfield and a staff member came running to us with the dewormer in a plastic rx bag. She said "here, we will give this to you anyway...just in case"


Exactly why should they go xxxx him/herself? Is it so ridiculous to think that the front office (receptionists) made a mistake or for one reason or another a doctor had to leave or didn't show up on time?

The main complaint was that a doctor wasn't there for the clients scheduled appointment. So what if the client had the appointment time messed up? In our privately owned practice you take care of the client regardless. Yeah, lunch is nice, but if you work in the veterinary field you try to accommodate the clients regardless of your lunch break, weekend off, vacation, etc.

Some of us like to call this customer service.

In addition, if the pet had not been seen by a vet at that particular office a technician really shouldn't/couldn't have drawn blood without direct supervision from a vet or a script from the previous vet taking care of the pet. There should always be a doctor patient relationship.

Really, all the client wanted was to have her dog taken care of.


So you are saying that when you arrived for your appointment, there was no DVM there working? How is that?

Did they even offer to have a technician pull the blood (which in almost every state is quite common for a licensed tech btw)? Something sounds fishy here...


I've reposted this from another complaint I read and responded to regarding Banfield. I think it is appropriate for your blog as well.

These are my thoughts on big corporation veterinary care:

1. People pay upfront for wellness contracts that they cannot get out of, therefore there's always going to be clients walking in the front door to spend money. No need to have any real doctor patient relationship. You can provide lackluster care and lose clients but there will always be someone new walking in the door to spend money.

2. Many of the vets are new grads thrown into a situation where there are no mentors to show them how things should really be done. They are working on commission and following guidelines set forth by a corporation not a person. They don't own the hospital and never will. They'll never be a part owner or full owner, so what do they care.

3. Although a privately owned vet hospital can be a bit more expensive for care, at least you're not locked in to any contract. If you don't feel comfortable with the vet you can always find someone new and not feel that you've totally lost your shirt with prepaid fees.

I work in a private practice and I can't tell you how many times I hear complaints much like your own. We have many clients that try out places like Banfield and then end up coming back cause of poor client/patient care. Not to mention the clients that have their vaccines done at places like that, but continue to visit us when their pet is sick because they don't trust these places to adequately care for their pet in a serious situation.

Banfield Pet Hospital


Thank you for providing this feedback. Since you have not had satisfactory experience with the client advocate team, I'll make sure to pass along your complaints directly - including the issues you had with the advocate team itself.

It sounds like , overall, you are concerned that your pet's care was not as thorough as it should have been and that money felt like a priority over care. We certainly don't want your experience to feel this way, and we need to make sure you are comfortable with the care of your pet.

Again, thank you for this feedback and we will address these items internally.