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Stay away from this Clinic. There Vet Tech's are not certified and will try to draw blood up to 5 times ( abuse). One of the Vet's is brand new out of school, Dr. Nakteboren and is horrible. I have heard numerous complaints about her not know what to do. There is no practice manager present.

I have seen the Vets and Vet techs abuse the animals. It is deplorable.

The only thing they care about is getting your money. They are not dedicated to helping your pet. Don't be a fool to sign up on one of there wellness plans

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: quit the wellness plan.

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Uhm you obviously have never attempted to draw blood on a pet before. Especially one who may be aggressive, wiggly, extremely furry etc.

Sorry, but trying 5 times is not, in any shape or form, abuse. Even veternarians sometimes have trouble accessing a vein. It's not easy. Sometimes even when you hit the vein, the blood stops flowing. Sometimes the vein rolls. Sometimes the pet acts out and you have to pull out to avoid them stabbing themselves and have to retry when they calm down.

I could go on and on.

The techs go through very thorough training. It is not required to go to *** and get licensed. This isn't just at banfield either. Pretty much every vet hospital out there has techs that haven't gone to school or haven't finished school yet.

I've met some techs who went to school and are licensed that are terrible (non banfield) and I've met ones who never went to school and they are fantastic.

A license/certification doesn't mean they are great. Maybe you should educate yourself before making accusations.


Show how *** you all are! My vet charges half of what Banfield does.

She also has more experience than those pathetic vets! Why would I want to pay 100 dollars for vaccinations when I can get them for half that! My spays were 127 which includes pain meds, IV, and being incubation too! Teeth cleanings 100.

Office visits 100. She actually gets the diagnosis right too, unlike Banfield!


HAHA this sounds like some pissed off ex-employee wrote it. I have taken my pets here for years and those techs are freakin awesome.

My dog is a biter and I know they have to poke her more than once sometimes but shes a dog and I couldn't imagine how hard it must be to get a blood sample. I trust em with my gal and Ive had the Insurance plan with Banfield since she was 10weeks old.

It saves me tons of money! This person who is so mad signed up for a plan lol its not like banfield held a gun to ur head.


I was thinking the same thing! Why hide behind an anonymous forum? If you have a legitimate concern, put your name on it and go through proper channels.


You are the *** one for trusting your pet to those *** They almost killed my cat! How hard is it to properly diagnose pneumonia?!

Seriously?! They charges are unreal! You can get real pet insurance for what Banfield charges for their fake *** insurance! My spay cost less than what owners extras!

Almost all Banfields have low ratings!

Why?! They suck!


Yes, many of the vets employed at Banfield are right out of school as well as doing their pre licensing practical care. One must keep in mind that being in school learning and actually being in a working practice is quite a reality check for many new graduates and even seasoned DVM's.

Every minute holds new surprises and challenges its a real think feet job and can be quite stressful.

As for the Wellness plan.

It depends what the pet parent thinks about the pros and cons of the plan itself. Its ones own choice whether to accept the plan or decline the plan.