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At about 1 pm on May 10, 2010 I rushed my dog to Banfield, Petsmart in Humble TX for a medical issue.

My dog, Tango, was in a play yard at the pet resort where I work and something happened that made him start wailing. A colleague of mine was with Tango when he suddenly started yelping and wouldn't put any weight on his front right leg. I gently looked at his leg and felt his hip area but I could not determine what had caused him such pain. I looked all around the area and found a strange critter hole in the grass area where Tango was standing when this happened. My concern was that something had possibly bit or stung him in his paw pad and not knowing what it was I decided to take him immediately to Banfield to have a veterinarian look at the area. I had to carry him to the car to get him to the vet and by the time I'd gotten there he seemed as if some of the pain had subsided. I looked in his paw pad it was quite red and inflamed.

I approached the receptionist and explained what had happened. I told her I have the wellness insurance program and was requesting a veterinarian to take a moment to do an exam on Tangos paw. She told me the doctor was wrapping up a surgery and then would be going to lunch and couldn't see patients until 2pm. I asked her to explain the situation to the vet as I was certain he would be concerned enough to take a moment before going to lunch to make sure my dog was ok and could wait until 2 pm for a more thorough analysis. She disappeared into the back and emerged a minute later telling me that the vet wouldn't see my dog until after their lunch. I pleaded with her pointing out that it would only take five minutes at the most for the vet to look at Tango's paw. Once I was assured it wasn't something like a serious *** or sting or broken toe I would have waited until they had their lunch. Again she claimed "the doctor is going to lunch and won't see clients until 2pm."

I am an Assistant Manager at a pet resort, a previous zookeeper of 13 years and have dealt with veterinarians my entire adult life. I can say that I've never heard someone who vows to care for animals say their lunch was more important that the welfare of an animal, especially one that is hurting. I am completely outraged by the lack of compassion, professionalism and not to mention horrible customer service shown by this clinic and its employees. I've got several rescue cats, 3 of my own cats, and 3 dogs, all of which were Banfield clients. I've always used Petsmart for all my pets needs, our kennels needs and have actually told people about the Banfield Wellness Plan and what a great deal it is. I can say now that I will notify all my clients who use Banfield and let them know my experience and how Tango and I were treated.

Drs Name was Dr. Dubuisson

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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How dare u post such negative things about my father he works too *** hard to receive such negative feed back. He is an amazing person and an amazing doctor.

And im sure your dog lived to see 2pm. If it was such an emergency you should have taken ur dog to an emergency clinic. Not a scheduled veterinarian. That's where u messed up!

He's a great hard working doctor I don't just say it cuz im his daughter I say it cuz I've spent multiple birthdays and christmas alone. Good day!!!


:( Im not sure if the guy even likes animals, he's arrogant, uncaring, and from the reviews ive found, his suggestions will only hurt your animal if not kill it. I happen to be in petsmart picking up dog food, and my 12 year old yorkie had a pimple close to her tail and it looked like it was closing but stil had stuff in it, so I wasn't sure if it needed to be lanced or not, do I asked to see the vet, he stuck a needle in it and only blood came out and he tried to poke again but I wouldn't let him , and he said that if that was his dog he would be making an appt to have it cut off, well I explain she has a collapsed trachea and surgery was out of question, so he prescribed medication and said I should give it to her for pain.

Well the medicine is rimidyl, which should be banned, horrible drug.

Luckily I never gave her any and three days later the pimple healed up. This guy is in for money and doesn't seem to like dogs


"An awesome vet" wouldn't turn away a hurt animal without so much as a glance. I have followed through with a formal complaint.

In addition I manage a pet facility myself and have shared my story with people who have told me some pretty unflattering things about this particular doctor. So in the end I suppose I'm lucky he didn't look at my dog. I'm glad your happy with him but he did me and my dog wrong.

If it was just the front desk person who gave bad customer service but the doc was good I could have looked passed that. Unfortunately that wasn't the case.


I have been with Banfield for two years. I just recently renewed wellness plan for third.

Admittedly, Banfield's counter customer service is not always the greatest. I have been in several times when my dog was sick and have been basically shrugged off. This was very fustrating to me and I considered not renewing for a third year.

But, I do like Dr. Dubuisson. I have dealt with annoying vets who over worry about animals and want to do unnecessary tests and waste money. Dr. Dubuisson will tell you how to treat your dog, take the time to advise you, and follow up with calls.

While I agree customer service is not the best at counter, Dr. Dubuisson is an awesome vet/