I am having the same issue. I am being charged for a wellness plan I canceled back in January at the Huntington Beach Location off Edinger.

I have called corporate, I have called the manager in HB, I have gone in only to get the run around the manager isn't there. She won't call me back, on and on. Now I am in collections for a service I don't have!!!!! They have given us the wrong meds, fired vets who were doing ongoing care with a leg injury which they never called us about, and tried to force us into upgrading our plan.

DO NOT sign up with them if anything goes wrong you won't get answers or money back:( By the way Mr.

Questionmark. WE DID NOT USE THE SERVICES so they said we could quit the plan yet they KEPT Charging!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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