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Took my puppy in for routine vaccinations. Doctor said my puppy had a rash on her abdomen because she saw one pimple, tried to get me to buy medicated wipes and spray over ONE PIMPLE.

Wanted me to pay for a $60 urine test and after failing to get my puppy to *** then told me I could do it at home for free. Why not tell me that in the first place? Then told me my dog was limping serverely while they took her to *** I saw no limping, even prior to the visit. Charged me $25 for an "exam" that should have been covered by the wellness plan I was on and when my puppy comes out, she is limping and lame in one leg.

Then I am told she had another vet examine my puppy as well who I have never heard of or met without asking me. Now she wanted me to pay $317 for radiology scans. My puppy cried in pain all night not able to lay in any position for long. She was fine before the visit.

Took her to another vet next day who said puppy pimples and discharge are COMPLETELY NORMAL and that the type of "exam" they did shouldn't even be done on a human. DO NOT GO HERE, they will hurt your dog to get money out of you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Veterinary Healthcare Associates Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $346.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Banfield Pet Hospital Pros: Dr pascal.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Dr milo, Dr v.

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Let me start with, NO I do not work for Banfield. I used to, but was actually fired for made up reasons.

So no, I am not sticking up for them. 1. There are a couple reasons that getting urine at home is not the first thing recommended.. The fresher the sample, the better.

If urine sits for even a few min, crystals will form. Therefore, they can't tell if the pet actually has a problem or if the sample just sat too long. Getting a sample in clinic with a needle, is far more sterile and will produce more accurate results. 2.

Puppy "pimples" CAN be normal. However, just because they CAN be normal, doesn't mean the one she had was normal. If they hadn't given her anything for it or if they didn't even mention it & it got worse or was something other than a "puppy pimple", you would be pissed off about that. You'd be on here saying the vet misdiagnosed or didnt say anything about the issue.

3. What exactly is the exam they did that supposedly "shouldn't even be done on a human"? That literally does not make any sense. The WELLNESS plan, does not include testing for illness/injuries.

It is a WELLNESS plan. You get a discount on services not included. BASIC exams are covered. More extensive ones are not.

4. What did the second opinion vet say about her leg? Were xrays done there? 5.

She asked for a second opinion from another vet in the clinic and you were not charged for that. You should be GLAD that a vet got a second opinion if they weren't 100% sure about that. I fail to see why it matters that they didnt ask or you before they did that. They didn't charge you for the second opinion.

6. Vets absolutely DO NOT hurt the patients on purpose. That is absolutely ridiculous. Veterinarians and the staff are NOT paid commission.

Therefore they would be paid the same if your visit was free or if it was a million dollars. Especually banfield vets. They don't own the clinic, therefore they dont get paid if they make more money or not. 7.

Are there bad vets out there? Absolutely. But a MAJORITY of them are amazing and would never hurt an animal. 8.

It was obvious your pet wasn't just there for a routine visit and an exam. Seeing as they were recommending a urinalysis for a reason. 9. Vets cannot read minds.

Vets patients are animals and cannot speak for themselves. Therefore testing is needed a majority of the time to diagnose a problem.

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