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I took our 3 year dog to Banfield for bordello shot and wellness checkup, When I picked up our dog, the Dr. said that she had noticed during the wellness exam that she could pop the dogs knee and hip joints out of place and that she would need surgery or physical therapy to correct this problem. My wife and I looked the Dr. and said we have never had a issue with our dog and she has always been fine....

That was Friday, on Sunday the dog started to lump on her left leg, and by Sunday night she would not even eat, or walk on it, and cried and wined all night...

I took my dog back to Banfield and the same Dr. said she was having a reaction to her shot, and wanted to give she anitinflamory drug, to reduse the sewlling and also wanted me to give her benndell. When I went to check out the girl at the desk said I would have to pay $9.00 for the meds that had given me. I said they would have to wait till I came back in a week, or I would have to bring it back later since I did not have my walet with me. She said she would check with DR. the Dr. said I would have to pay for the meds before I took them or Gabby(our dog) so I picked up the dog and and said I don,t think so and left the meds and told them I would take my dog somewhere else to get treatment, that after coming her for 3 years thay are going to treat me that that...

I am glad I did because the Dr. that is treating our dog said that the Banfield Dr. should have never popped out the dogs knees and hips out of place that at 3 years old and bring a small dog, she had no issue with her legs or hips. BUT THAT since the Banifeld Dr. pulled them out to " Check them" that she a a lot of swelling in her left hip and the xray shows, parcel dislocation..

I am going to to treat my dog with the vet she is going to now, since he said he has seen it all, from banfield now..

That they should never pop adog or cats hip or knees to she if they popout...

They did not want to cancale my plan, I did call the card company to make sure they could not take any more payments out, and informed them I would be sending all bills from Gabbys new vet, about this hip to them..

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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It's called luxating patellas. And the vet can pop them in and out. That's the point of diagnosing.