Sayreville, New Jersey
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The Banfield Pet Hospital at 60 N Rt 17 in Paramus, NJ is the worst! Right up to the "owner" Dr. Mia Frezzo, I received incorrect information about my dogs heartworm medication. Even after I came in and showed the technicians they were wrong, I still received nothing but rudeness and ignorance from Dr. Frezzo.

Advantage Multi DOES make a medication for both Heartworm and Flee/Tick protection. I even had to bring in the box to SHOW them. Still, they sold me a separate WormShield that I did not need and REFUSED to take it back when I attempted to return it, unopened, the very next day!

They should make an exception to the return policy when the mistake is due to their own misinformation! Instead of refusing to listen and speaking to me unprofessionally.

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You are insane if you trust a topical heartworm prevention to protect your pet.


Jnebanks- Thank you for providing this feedback. We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals did not meet your expectation.

We strive to provide our clients and their pets with high quality medicine and exceptional client experiences on every visit. We are currently unaware of this situation and would like the opportunity to speak with you directly so we can gather more information about your visit. The number to our Client Advocate Team is 877-500-2288 As for your request to return medication, we cannot accept already prescribed medication. Once medication leaves a veterinary or human hospital, clinic or facility it cannot be returned and prescribed to another pet or person.

These measures are in place for safety reasons, to assure that potentially altered or tainted medications, or those that have not been stored properly, are not prescribed to other patients.

On medication receipts and/or prescription bottles, it states that medications cannot be returned for a refund. Please let our Client Advocate Team know if you have any other questions regarding this policy.


Pet owners wake up and stop using Banfield Hospital! Remember Bernie Madoff.

It is just clever scheme how to make money in big. Banfield is in all States. Their wellness plan bought locally could be canceled only through their headquarters ! And it takes loong time.

People got problems with credit bureau , if they do not want to continue pay monthly dues after pet died under Banfields vets care.

Yes it is UBELIVABLE ! They force people to pay premium for already dead animals.

Yorkie Daddy

Unfortunately, that's just they way people are in that neck of the woods; defensive, selfish and just down-right mean. It wasn't the Banfield, per say; it could have been any vendor.

Try going out into the New Jersey country-side.

There are some wonderful people out there and they will fall all over themselves to help you. Too many people in the Paramus, Newark, Jersey City areas don't even like themselves - muchless one another!


Not just in NJ; also in Columbia, SC Two Notch Road location. The vet I saw for my cat's eye (it did look nasty) was so much more interested in me having my cat tested for feline luke although he was tested as a kitten and had received vaccine every year since.

She was very aggrevated with me when I would not cave in on up-sell. Alluded to fact that my cat's eye problem could be due to positive feline luke. After saying she had no idea what was wrong with eye and that she had never seen an eye like that, she finally prescribed an oral antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, Then she if meds didn't work I would need to have his teeth cleaned as the eye prob could be due to absessed tooth or prehaps have to remove the eye altogether! Took him to another vet for three-day follow up (definitely wasn't going to take him back to Banfield for follow up!) who gave more antibiotic and eye drops for congunctivitis.

Several weeks later, he is doing just fine. Where does Banfield get the vets? They must have graduated very low in their vet class!

I cannot stand it when vets use animals to up sell! I could go on and on but will just say "don't go there!"