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Update by user May 23, 2012

If any body needs good quality vet in colorado. You need to check out the Vet on 10300 East Evans

Denver, Colorado 80247, called the broadview animal clinic

They have the best services for your pet.

And they have on Incredible services. Beware, you have to book a month in advance for appointments because they are very busy. But they do take walk ins. You will have to wait a while but its worth the wait.

They take the best care of your animal.

They are extremely fair in their pricing. Unlike Banfield, Your paying for quality and fairness.

Update by user Apr 14, 2012

I also have a copy of the good faith Estimate given to me by Banfield. If anyone wants to see the copy I will be glad to send it to you. Not sure how to post it on this website.

Original review posted by user Apr 14, 2012

I have 3 major complaints with this company. I have already complained about one of them.

But I want to complain about their Service fees and charges for extractions and teeth cleaning, and for Anal Gland procedures for your pet. about 2 months ago, I went into the office because my Small Maltiz-poodle mixed dog, who is 10 years old was in a great deal of pain of a enlarged anal gland that was stopped up. (not able to express normally) He had this large ball in the back of his behind. I tried to express it and could not get it to drain.

So I took my dog Buttons to Banfield. There was a older (Caucasian) lady VET Doctor with long Gray hair. She took a look at my dog and tried to Express the Anal gland but couldn't not express it either. So she said that she could drain the anal gland by surgery, but it would cost me around $1,200.00.

She said if I paid that price she would put me on the Yearly Doggy health plan and she would also do a dental cleaning and extractions for my dogs teeth. She said his teeth were very bad and they needed to clean them and take out the infected teeth. I told her that we didn't want to spend that kind of money and asked her what the price would be without the doggy health plan and just for them to express our poor dogs anal gland so he could be relieved of his pain. She said it was only $800.00.

I asked why it would cost this much. She said that she was going to have to do major surgery. And he needed to go to sleep during the surgery, She said the blood test for this kind of thing is around $400.00 alone. Me and my husband were stunned.

We took are dog that was in pain and left the office. We made one phone call to Teneker in Aurora co 80011, They did a cut on his anal gland and drained the fluid and they also did our dogs Rabies shots. All this for around $200.00, This procedures came with antibiotics and pain pills. That was a lot cheaper then $800.00-$1200.00, No blood test needed.

We also saw that his teeth were bad and he had around 7 of them that needed pulled. A month later when we had the funds, We took our dog down to Broadview on Evans in Denver Colorado, and they only charged us for $166.00 to pull 7 teeth and clean them (His teeth were easy and they charged us $2.00 per a tooth average to extract). (This procedure came with antibiotics and pain pills) I just can't believe the prices $$$$$$$ at Banfield. Beware who ever goes there.

Their prices are very unfair. Even on their so call healthy plan. They don't really care about your pet. They are ROBBERS, especially with animals that are involved.

Also Broadview on Evens in Denver, did the blood test for only $33.00, compare that to Banfield $400.00. (my experience from March -April 20012) I have all the records to show the prices from banfield and other other vets and there is a major difference in PRICES.

Banfield being a company with Major issues. I would like to Put Banfield on the NEWS and expose them for who they really are.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Sorry to hear that you found your experience to be poor. I have to say that I have been to the very same Banfield and found the staff sympathetic, caring, intelligent and there for me at my time of need when I had to put my dog of 16 years to sleep.

Medicine costs money, and you get what you pay for when you are shopping costs with quality of care. Don't take for granted that your animal can die from anesthesia during extractions, and I would want the best taking care of my animal.

Having the best, comes at a cost. I will take short cuts on many things, but medicine for myself and family is not one of them.


To judge a person without knowing the facts is not very smart. To assume you know how I treated my dog from the short 2 paragraph’s doesn’t make you the authority.

He is 77 years old in dog years (turned 11 in May 5). You show me a 77 year old person/dog that hasn’t lost most of their teeth. They are still able to function. Unless a body was a superhuman, sorry but old age is what happens to all of us, even our pets.

My dog had a gum disease that was hidden under the gum line. His teeth looked fine from the outside. This was the first time were we were told that he needed his teeth fixed and we acted on it quickly. We are doing awesome things for this dog.

This was also the second time he had his teeth cleaned professionally cleaned within the last 6 years. You tell me how many people can afford these kinds of cleanings. I believe our dog is in good hands. I have even saved this dog Buttons from a terrible situation.

When I adopted him, he was barely alive. We didn’t think he would make it through the night. But I saw he was a fighter and I still wanted to adopt him. When he got better, It took weeks before he could trust another human.

He went through traumatic situations where he almost lost his life. But my family and I brought him back to life giving him tender care and lots of love, he did survive. Also, when an anal gland is impacted there are other reasons than neglect. I have over 7 years of experience of expressing anal Glands myself.

I have always expressed his anal glands myself or I pay for his groomer to do it.

Do you know who I am and what I have done? You know nothing about my dog or myself but freely write your nonsense. I have backup on what I write.

I don’t write nonsense.

There are good vets out there, The will charge reasonable rates to take care of your Pet. I just don't think Banfield is one of them.


I have had only the best of treatment at this Banfield and the doctor refer to saved one of my dogs life through surgery after he was neglected by another vet, despite my pleadings to check on a growth forever a year!

Your "poor dog" was in terrible pain because of your neglect!

A does not wake up one day needing 7 teeth pulled! That happens from neglecting to brush their teeth regularly AND by not having their teeth cleaned yearly. As for the anal glands, I've read that every dog is different; however most do not express anal glands fully on their own.

My dogs need them done every few months--and it's under $20--not expensive. If you can't afford to pay fir regular care, why would you even have a dog and let it suffer?!


I actually believe that you had problems there! I had a bad experience yesterday and thought I would get on here and see if there were any negative reviews about this location.

I made an appointment for my dog and showed up on time. I waited for 40 minutes for the vet to come in and finally got up to leave. It was the combination of blood on the floor of the exam room, pets in the back sounding like they were screaming in horor, and the fact that I waited in the room feeling completly forgoten. As I was walking in the vet came in and said that she could see my pet now.

I told her how upset I was and she told me that they have had a crazy day. She had 3 euthanasias and a bunch of unhappy pets. I should have taken that as another sign to leave. I let her examine my dog anyway.

She had absolutly no personal touch and acted like she was reading from a script. The sad thing is that she has seen my dog before and I even mentioned that but that didn't change anything. She did a quick exam and told me he needed his teeth cleaned and something with his back leg. None of those things were what we went in there for.

She said that the big swollen spot on his eyelid was basically a pimple. He also has a lump on the side of his head. She said his lymphnodes were swollen because he needs his teeth cleaned. So I went home and this morning my dog was not acting himself.

I felt on the lump again and realized that it is not even where his lymphnode is! Now I'm sitting here contimplating taking him to the emergency vet because he has been vomiting, shaking, and just not doing good.

Stay away from this vet!!! Thankfully I have another appointment scheduled somewhere else for him tomorrow that I just had a feeling I shouldn't cancel!

Banfield Pet Hospital

Aprilshowers96,we apologize that your experience with one of our hospital has left you feeling this way. Based on this information we are unable to identify your account for us to reach out to you, if you would like to address your specific concerns please give our Client Advocate Team a call at 877-500-2288, thank you.


The place where I took my dog to and it cost $166.00 for 7 teeth extraction and cleaning. was at

Broadview Animal Clinic

10300 East Evans

Denver, Colorado 80247

Phone: (303) 755-1424

Fax: (303) 745-4318

go ahead and google them. You find that their prices are more then reasonable. Not only that

but look at their reviews. This clinic has been around since 1983. I also have the bills from this office. I would be glad to email them to anyone who wants to see them. I also would of post any picture for any bill if needed. I don't know how to post them to this site.


I have a copy of the good faith estimate from Banfield. I would be happy to email it you.


Im sorry but this review is a blatant lie. I just left Banfield, so I know their rices and procedures.

Before any anesthetic procedure, they do a CBC and chemistry blood test. This runs no where near $400. Blatant lie. Post a picture of the estimate if you are telling the truth.

Wherever you went charged you WAY below practice standards for the procedures they performed. This is due to one of 3 things: 1. They were trying to gain your business and offered you low prices that they normally don't charge in order to lure you in. 2.

They offer low prices because they are desperate for business. This does not speak well of the quality of care. 3. They offer substandard care and therefore charge less.

I've never heard of 7 extractions for $166, and I've worked at many hospitals. They probably aren't very skilled if they charge so little. Extractions cost so much because you have to make sure you get the root tip out or else it may abscess. I've seen cheap vets leave them in.

Banfield dentals are actually a really good deal. You get preanesthetic bloodworm, the monitoring (ECG, pulse ox, blood pressure), IV catheter and fluids, etc. bargain vets perform dentals without monitoring equipment (they just count heart rate and breathing), don't do IV catheters, and frequently leave the root tip in.

I've seen it. I'm not saying that's what your vet did, but I would be highly suspicious of any vet that charges that little, as it is FAR below average