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Banfield in Corona CA, was a very nice place with Dr Flores, very empathic Dr but the new guy Dr Jeff something is a thief. He will gouge every last penny from you because he is riding on your affection for your pet.

He does not care about the animal and only cares about how much he can steal from the pet owner.

For a $40 procedure he will charge hundreds of dollars. He has a chip on his shoulder because he is trying to prove to other doctors that he knows, that he can make more money than them who are treating people.

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Took my beloved White German Shepherd in there yesterday after a bad reaction to Frontline Plus. Normally I get Comfortis from them but wife picked this up in Costco.

Big Mistake, Vomiting, Fire hose runs. He needed help.

Was it cheap? no, Did they up-sell? maybe but in the interest of the dogs health.

Did I receive good care? Yes! they took me right away and I felt Dr Flores covered all the bases. Filled him with fluids and sent me home with meds saying they would call today to check on him.

I like the people in the front as well.

It isn't easy to treat an animal who doesn't tell you what is going on. I don't know much about the other guy but Dr Flores is still around and I wouldn't hesitate to use him.


Sorry I forgot in this post to mention in this post we did have a second opinion from another vet. Wish there was an edit button


Guess you. Don't. Read well duuuuuhhh

I received a second opinion from another excellent vet who explained the issue as it can happen but found no evidence of any problem in our dog.

The dog doesn't show any symptoms either and never has.


The reason the vet is recommending those things is because he can feel a problem. You obviously don't have a medical opinion.

Locating patellas may not be visible to you, but they can be felt by the vet when he flexed the leg and can worsen if not corrected. Sorry you don't want to listen.


The new guy there is no good, trying to push me in to Xrays and a lot of unnecessary procedures on my puppy. I never received that kind of treatment there before.

I used to like this place but now I feel every time I'm being questioned on not getting the dog neutered and I need to get xrays check for hip dysplasia when there is nothing wrong with the dog. Tells me because of a weepy eye my dog isn't suitable for family breeding. WTF? I'm not even selling the puppys.

Also said one of our other dogs needed knee cap surgery when she is fine as well. Runs like a bullet. This guy is a hard sell and I never trust him. He doesn't fix or address the main problem I brought the dog in for and says he can send me to a specialist for his eye cause he isnt to familiar with the eye.

Then they forgot to give the dog de-worming medicine I paid for and I had to bring him back.

I only found this out cause I had a suspicion they forgot and asked. The older Japanese doctor if that was Flores was great, now I just want out for all 3 of my dogs

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The DVM's change so often. That should have said something.

Turnover at that rate is a big red flag.

New guy is probably on production, more he brings in the more he brings home. Would you like some shampoo, oral rinse, water additive, dental chews, or a nail trim or anal gland expression with that?