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I inherited my mother's Lhasa's when she passed away. I have them from 05-09.

I was in a bad car accident in 09, and sent the dog to live with my sister in Florida because I was simply not able to take care of him. Jayden is registered and microchipped. My biggest mistake was not contacting Avid and changing my phone number so they could contact me. I found out in late Nov 11 that Jayden had gotten away from my sister in Sept 11.

For whatever reason, she did not feel the need to tell me about this. It wasn't until I called her one day and told her that I was going to come and get Jayden, did she tell me that he was gone. I immediately contact Avid, who told me that Jayden was found and taken to a Banfield Clinic, where he was scanned, but they didn't have a correct phone number for me. They gave me the information of the contact person at Banfield.

I contacted them the very next morning. I was told that they had no record of his chip number or him being brought to the clinic. I asked them several times why they don't keep records of an animal brought into them, who was chipped, who Maggie from Banfield called into Avid with the chip number, etc...I continued to the run around...I needed to speak to this person, or that person, and conveniently they were never in that day, and they would have someone contact me....which NEVER happened. After 4 days, I asked them for the Corp.

numbers...was denied! I obtained it from doing a search. I filed a complaint with the Corp office, and again, was told that someone would contact me when they looked into it. A week went by...I called the actual clinic back, and was told that they "think" they know who "might" have my dog.

They said they tried to call this person, but got no response. (funny how they told me in the begining that they had NO RECORD OF MY DOG BEING IN THEIR CLINIC). Called Corp back, was told they had no record of my started over there...again, was told they would investigate and get back with me. Again, another week and no contact.

So I called them back....always got voicemail and no call backs. Finally, in Jan. was told that I needed to stop calling them, they did their investigation, and had nothing else to say to me.

Wouldn't even discuss their findings with me.

Im at my wits end as to where to go next. I've tried the Florida State Attorney General website, but they don't have any match in their selection for this type of issue. I've tried the Florida BBB, and still have not heard anything. I'm not saying I would take Jayden away from anyone who has had him this long if he is being properly cared for and loved....but they won't even tell me if he is alive or dead.

They just keep repeating "we have nothing further to discuss with you on this matter"!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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wait what? You had the dog from 2005 - 2009??

And you couldn't find time to change the phone number?? More like you couldn't be bothered?? Oh wow, quit pestering people over YOUR mistake.

My apologies to your sister for dropping it on her. Oh duh!


Banfield may or may not keep terrible records. That's not the point.

They more than likely either gave the dog over to animal control or a rescue shelter. My guess would be animal control or animal law enforcement in the area for them to take care of this stray dog according to protocol. It's unfortunate you were unable to change the phone number with Avid, but this is something you will never find closure on. While your accident was a terrible event, you gave over responsibility to your sister who waited three months before telling you.

I believe it stops right there. Had your sister contacted Avid, Banfield, etc as soon as she found the dog was missing, you may have had a small chance of recovering him.

Hindsight is 20/20, you should have had the dog kenneled since your sister clearly is no dog person. Lesson learned, move on.


Really so its our fault you diddnt keep your contact information up to date. Like everyone else is saying we are a PET HOSPITAL NOT the Spca.

We are not an overnight hospital either so we cannot keep pets in our care as no one is there to look after them. I have had a case a couple months ago where a lady brought in a cat sure enough the microchip information was up to date and we were able to locate and contact the owner BECAUSE they kept their information up to date like responsible owners dont put the blame on us.


I'm terribly sorry that your pet was lost. However, Even if it was picked up at a shelter and scanned I doubt that they would have housed the pet from september until november trying to find the owner.

As George said, Vet hospitals are not shelters. They can do their best to find the owners of the microchipped pet, but it's almost impossible for them to keep a running database of all the strays that may have come through.


G is short for George. Next time I'll make sure I use one or the other. Never meant to imply I was two different people.


Funny how G and George are from the same place...hmmmmm...

Done with you both!


Lots of excuses misplaced blame and anger here. Facts:

1.) You acquired the dog in 2005. You were in an accident in 2009. You didn't have time to call Avid at any point in those 4 years?? Hmm...

2.) Lets say, hypothetically, that your contact info changed after your accident so that even if you had changed the info on the microchip in the four years you had the dog, you'd have to change it again. Ok, maybe not your top priority. But when your sister took care of the dog, she should have taken that responsibility. It's just responsible pet ownership. In order to properly care for the dog, she should have a) acquired all its medical records and b) change the microchip info.

3.) Banfield is a pet hospital, not a shelter. Someone came in with a stray dog, they scanned it, couldn't find the owner, and that was the end of the story. They aren't required to keep the animal for 3 days before putting it up for adoption like a shelter. Sure, it would be nice if they kept a log or something for the occasional stray brought it, but it's not their job. That's what a shelter is for. The person who brought the dog in should have taken it to a shelter, as that's where you go to look for missing pets, not random pet hospitals.

4.) Your accident was not Banfield's fault. They should not have to assume responsibility for your personal tragedies. What happened to you stinks, but it unfortunately does not make other people responsible for assuming your responsibilities.

Those are the facts, as you presented them. Your complaint is dramatic and you are just trying to place your blame on someone else. I'm not saying that Banfield is perfect. I personally think that, although not their legal responsibility, they should keep a record of any contact info of people that bring stray pets it. I also think their corporate chain is not very good at returning correspondence. However, if you are going to be mad at Banfield, you need to be just as mad at yourself and your sister and even the person who brought the dog in and failed to take it to a shelter! BOTH you and your sister failed to update the contact info for your dog.I also think it's a little questionable that your sister didn't tell you until some time later (the duration you did not specify) that the dog went missing. Did she call the shelters? Post lost signs? I hope so. In regards to contacting Avid, if you had completed your responsibilities as a pet owner, this never would have happened. Really, it's just as much, if not more, your/your sister's fault than it is Banfield's. I'm sorry, but *** things happen to people all the time, but it doesn't mean that they are absolved of their personal responsibilities. You were in a horrific accident. Ok, I understand if you can't complete all your responsibilities as a pet owner, I get that. But you can't just go around blaming other people and putting the responsibility on them because you yourself were incapacitated. Place the blame where it belongs - you, your sister. If either one of you had thought to change the contact info, your dog would have been returned to you. Don't be dramatic and claim Banfield "stole" your dog. What, do you think they took it and kept it? Get real. Let this be a life lesson for you. Hopefully next time you or your sister will be a more responsible pet owner.



I'm sorry, perhaps I should have been a little more detailed for you to understand and not just assume facts that are not in evidence here. The car accident in 09 almost killed me. Several months in the hospital, over a year of rehab...I think calling Avid to update my phone number was one of the last things on my mind.

And before you "assume" anything else... NO, I was NOT at fault for the accident either!

As I stated in the end of my previous writings...I'm not looking to take Jayden away from anyone if he is in a good home, cared for and loved! The other point is simply this... A so called reputable animal hospital took in a stray, scanned it, called Avid, examined the dog and "never" kept a record of it. How responsible is that? I know that in my MANY years of working with animals and in vet hospitals, this is extremely unlikely. And it is extremely unethical for their employees to flat out lie about it as well.

Thank you for your comments, however, please do not "assume" to know me or my personal responsibility! Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are ***, then open it and remove all doubt!


You have got to be kidding me. Banfield "stole" your dog?

Someone really needs to accept some personal responsibility. Someone brought in a stray dog, they scanned it, called Avid, tried to get in touch with the phone number on file, and had no luck. How is any of this their fault? It's YOUR fault for never updating the info on the microchip.

Personal responsibility. Learn it.