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After vomiting all night my puppy was miserable and dehydrated. I had a Banfield wellness plan in Fl.

so I took him to Banfield in Pa. Dr. never gave pup fluids, gave him barium,never called all day to up date us, and after we had called three times was finely told we could pick him up. Dr.

said he had nothing stuck in his gi tract and could go home on meds. Was not recovering on the next day, reported to banfield staff pup noteating and looking ill still. Was told by Banfield staff that our pup just needed to recover from tests done the previous day and would be fine. After another night of no sleep and a poor pup that was crying off and on all night at 730am I called and informed them I was coming with a very ill dog again told them had not been earing or drinking or pooping.

Was told he would be seen at 2pm. Told them how sick the dog was again and that I was on my way. They told my they would notify the DR. After waing for an hour I left and took my dog to an emergency vet.

who immediately placed the dog on IV fluids did blood work and xrays. Puppy was filled with barium, severely dehydrated and in renal failure. Thank God for Dr. Eric Wayne of Pocono emerg.

Vets he saved my dogs life. Staff at Banfields in Pa. first was confrontational on the phone then was condescending, argued with me and were trying to cover their ***. Banfield has taken no responsibilty, not the staff and not the Dr.

Carado who informed me he had treated my puppy correctly. Even after the dx. of severe dehydration and reminded that pup had been vomiting and not eating for over 14 hrs., said he had treated pup correctly for his findings on exam. I have been a critical care nurse for 26 yrs.

I told him the dog was dehydrated, he did not listen. Please don't take your pet, to Banfields in Stroudsburg Pa. Cost me $1600.00 and still have to give Sq fluids and do labs weekly. By the way asked banfield and the Dr.

for my $399.00 back and have heard nothing further.

I will be contacting a attorney. They lied and almost killed a 7 month old dog, and refuse to take responsibility.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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