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A while ago I took my dog to the Banfield inside the PetSmart in San Mateo. I've been to many vets, and my current vet was retiring so I was looking for a new one.

I didn't know there was a hospital in PetSmart, so after I stumbled upon them I decided to try them out because my dog needed to update his vaccines. I set up an appointment for the next day and arrived five minutes early. The nurse came in, did a quick exam and told me the doctor would be in shortly. I sat there waiting almost thirty minutes!

Not one time did anyone come to apologize for the wait or give me an update, they just left us sitting there. As I was about to pack up and leave, the vet, Dr. Timber Johnson, finally stumbles in. This lady was more of a used car salesperson than a doctor.

For I don't know how long, she kept going on and on about their *** insurance plans. She couldn't take any hints that I wasn't interested. She tried to show me that I would save money with their plan, which obviously wasn't true because I just needed two shots and I'd be good for a year. I don't see how spending $300 a year would save me any money when I just need a couple shots which cost $100 all together.

This vet seems like a total scam artist. She did more talking about this "amazing" insurance plan than doing any actual exam! She completely missed the obvious eye condition my dog has. Couldn't answer any medical questions.

After spending an hour and a half of my day just trying to get a couple shots, and as I'm trying to get out of the door she's still going on about this insurance plan. She's like a robot! Oh yeah and her doctor's coat was covered in blood stains!

Disgusting. I will never go back to this incompetent, money grubbing excuse for a doctor.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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First off, if you had actually been listening, you would have known that the Wellness Plans are not insurance. They're not in case your animal gets sick.

They're there to help with things like you were in there for - mostly shots.

An office visit at Banfield is 34.95, and the shots are priced from there. Your total for the entire visit was probably close to $150 wasn't it? Your visit with the plan, had you signed up?

$70, and your shots, office visits, and check ups are covered for a year. So maybe she wasn't as money hungry as you thought, and honestly WAS trying to save you some money.