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I took my 8 week old Pug puppy to Banfield and I was told he had hookworm and giardia. I was given 1 pill and a bottle of medecine to give him a dosage after him evening meal.

After 2 weeks (10/22/08) I took him back to Banfield and they told me he now suffered crom Coccidia. I looked it up on the internet and that should have been diagnosed on the first visit. And my puppy showed none of the symptoms of coccidia. When my daughter came ghome with the puppy they had sold her the medecine, ear wash and vitamins and shampoo all the while telling her it was needed.

I believe they diagnose so they can make claims to the pet insurance company and peddle extras like shampoo, ear wash and vitamins. Each visit cost me an extra 76.00 (19.00 being the meds) the rest was an "upsale" on Banfields part. The also charged me for "puppy playtime" and then told me my puppy was accessed as being "unsociable"!

I believer these people are theives and are nuts as well. I will never go to Banfield again.

Pissed Consumer in North Texas

Monetary Loss: $152.

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They gave so much medication to my dog until his kidney gave up and had to put him to sleep after 3 months. They also charged me for the whole year. I asked them why the kidney failed and they said it was normal for that breed.

BS :sigh


MY dog went there and they told me she had parasites, skin disorders, worms, and was underweight. So they out me on all sorts of meds and everytime i brought her back they were giving her another injection, and a skin scrapping and testing her for worms..

I got her as a abused animal so she was thin and she had bald spots. the 1 meds that they put her on cast me $100 and they said she was going to need them for the rest of her life and she wasgoing to have to need a skin scrapping every 2 weeks until the parasite was dead.. Well if shes underweight whyy would I feed her science diet. My step mom is a vet in pa and she told me to just cook for her rice,eggs,veggies and groundbeef mix it all together give it to her 2 times a day and she can promise her issues would be fixed.

Well they were no balding gained 13 pounds in 4 weeks looks so healthy and i stopped all the meds.. The vet said she looks good the meds are working I told her I stopped them and was just feeding her what I said above and a all natural vanilla yougurt everyday and she started yelling at me..

Then she told she will NOT stop doing skin scrapping or the skin parasite injections on he because she feels she needs them.. It cost me $100 everytime..Never again will we go there!


I would like to say that I am a vet tech, and while you do have a reason to get angry, you should be angry at the breeder not the pet hospital. We do fecals to check for intestinal parasites.

We do not make up a diagnosis because we feel you would be a great candidate for paying the bill. Some does feel crummy while being infested with worms, others act as though nothing is wrong with them. Fecals are good tests, but they are not 100% effective. Worms shed the eggs, so you may see no worms, one, or hundreds on a fecal exam.

Plus, we give recommendations to the best treatment option for your pet, you can always say no if you feel it is excessive.

Oh, and another thing. Don't believe everything you read on the internet...