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Took my 8 month old basset hound in for a cough and for them to look at his right paw as he was limping. They gave me an estimate for $250 and my final bill was $414!!

They said well meds...I call BS!

Yes they did check for the ear infection, but I was also told they would clean his ears, not done. I was told by vet that she would send home some easy digestible food and then I was going to be charged another $39! NO WAY! This is just highway robbery at its best.

Felt very cold, just this is the way it is, do you want it or not? Wanted me to send his x-rays to someone who could "look into the problem more" couldn't be sure. I said no just give me a copy of the x-rays which I had to push them to do!

Wanted to do blood work I said no. Pressure and upsell is what they do.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $414.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Vet, Charges, Bedside mannor.

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It's not upselling. It's called diagnostic testing.

You brought your pet in for multiple problems.

I'm assuming you don't want them to just guess what's wrong and have them misdiagnose. Otherwise you'd be on here complaining that they misdiagnosed your pet.

Vets aren't psychic and pets can't talk.

The only way to get an exact diagnosis is testing.

There's multiple types of ear infections and there's not one single medication that treats then all. I'm assuming you don't want to pay for a medication that will be useless.

Basset Hounds are known to get reoccurring ear infections.

There's multiple reasons a pet could be limping. If the vet looks at the xray, can't see an exact reason why the pet is limping or if they see something but aren't 100% sure, they send the rads to a radiologist. This is not just Banfield, this is every vet. I'm sure you don't want them to misdiagnose your pet.

There's again, multiple reasons a pet could be coughing. Kennel cough, heartworm, heart problem (which can happen at 8mo old), pneumonia etc. So that's the reason for bloodwork and xrays. I'm sure, again, that you don't want them to misdiagnose your pet and spend money on useless medication.

Oh and not to mention that if they don't offer the testing, and something happens to the pet which could have been diagnosed Via testing, then they can be sued. Why people think that a veterinarian can look at a pet and automatically know what's wrong just based on an exam, I will never know.