Oakland Charter Township, Michigan
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Update by user Feb 05, 2012

Additional information: The doctor that Kuki was treated by is Dr. Waters.

On Rochester Rd. in Rochester, Michigan.

Original review posted by user Feb 05, 2012

I took my dog Kuki to Banfield pet hospital to get one of her teeth cleaned. I dropped her off at 8am and expected to bring her back in a couple of hours. Around 11am I received a call saying that Kuki had gone into cardiac arrest for 10 minutes after receiving an anesthetic shot and then went into a coma. They said they didn't know what caused her to go into a coma and Kuki was transferred to a larger, better organized, pet hospital.

She was in a coma for about one day and passed away on 1/19/2012. After Kuki passed away my family and I received a message from them saying that she had a heart disease and gave an under-dose of an anesthetic. Before she was murdered, Banfield said that she perfectly healthy. Also, they refused to pay the $1500+ hospital fee that they caused. Kuki was only 3.5 years old when she was murdered and could have lived much longer had Banfield of been more careful and cautious in there procedures.


Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Dental Cleaning.

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HOLY SH1T a white witch! You were lucky to get out alive!


to I agree! so sorry for your loss and that your grieving/upset/trauma has last for so long...may you know that you did nothing wrong and did everything out of love and care for your beloved dog. May you find the peace you deserve!


I am so very sorry for your loss. Please know that you did nothing wrong and did not cause this in any way.

It is natural to trust those we believe are experts. Again, so so sorry and may you find peace.


my dog was sick. me and my mom went to take her in to banifield for a check up.

they told my mom that they would have to pay $900 or more to see if she had other stuff in her system. however the doctor did no real evaluation on my dog. all they care about is money.

when my mom told the nurse she think about it the lady looked at her as if she thought my mom was *** or high. my dog got better and they called to see if she was okay.

Rick Estess

I've seen the image of veterinary medicine go from that of a trusted profession made up of caring, compassionate people to a greedy industry with a moral compass that points only at the biggest dollar sign. Because of this, you have to do a thorough investigation into the background of a vet before you make a choice.

It may take a lot of work, but it will save you a lot of grief -- as well as money.

My heart goes out to those who've lost their beloved companion due to lack of proper care. I've been there: My "Banfield" is Animal Health Associates in Eugene, Oregon.


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I was fortunate that my cat was not harmed but I had a bad experience with Banfield. My cat is on prescription food that I cn only buy at Pet Smart.

I have to take a prescription from his vet and they give me a card in order to purchase it. The first of this year they insisted that I bring him him for a free exam or the would not issue the card. The vet was a woman that was scared of Buddy and all she did was let him out of the cage and tried to pick him up with his beach towel and giggle nervously. She asked me questions about his last visit with his vet but that was all.

That could have been done without my having to take him in there and being disabled I was very upset about this so-called "free exam". I will pay more for the food at his vet's office and not use coupons if they insist on another exam and I would never ever take him there if something was wrong with him.


you should get a second opinion about the special cat food.how convenient that the are the only ones that can give you that cat food.find a clinic that is for low income people & that get funded from donations &/or are a not for profit agency.they will not have a lot to gain by 'lying'to you just to make money.i know you wrote this like 8 months ago but if i can help anyone not get jerked,its well worth saying.good luck.


This is the best we can do SPREAD the word and even if you have not had trouble with them(I have)stop using them so we can send message(you can't take our money and do as you wish).If enough people would stick together a lot of things would change in this world but unfortunately most people will not because it's "not them".


my experience at bansfield hospital/clinic was very unprofessional. The vet, a woman was afraid of my Cat.didn't have right answers, seemed all they did was spay and neuter pets.

The girls were rude and not friendly. Vet was so nasty. Ran unecessary tests I did not authorize but paid. Mis diagnosed my pet.she would have been put to sleep if I listened to the vet.

I demanded my cat back. Left. Complained the entire right way to all people. No help.no satisfaction.no refund.rudeness, I learned a lesson.

Stick to private vets, its worth it.not this chop shop.I love animals and am sad about all stories I read.animals are family.no one please take your pet here.remember the rainbow bridge all if you, I do our companions will be right there waiting.

Until then,remember there happy and healthy, and having fun. Plenty of toys,catnip and dogbones.


I am truly sorry for everyone who had just written there experiences. Very sad.

I had my. Own bad experience. With banfield pet hospitL. Monroeville pa.

The vet is a horrible person. Mis diagnosed my cat tiffy. Overcharged yes. Take advantage of people yes.

Won't talk to you. Wouldn't refund money. Not knowledgeable at all. The vet there.

Had I listened to her my cat would have died. Luckily I still have tiffy.


I took my cat in to see why she was loosing weight so fast and was eating like she has never been fed before. I told them over the phone that I was on a limited income but was getting help if Missy needed medical help that would be costly and told them who I was applying to get the help from and they needed to feel a form out saying if she didn't get helpASAP that she would die.

I was told when I got her there that all envoices have to be paid that day. But they were willing to put her in the hospital adminster liquids and do what they could for her until they realised I didn't have the money right then so it went to there is nothing we can do for her except put her to sleep, which is what they did and I still cry and miss her so much, so they lie when they say they will do everything in their power to save your pet. What they meant to say is we will do everything in our power to get as much of your money and if we save your pet doing it then even better, if not then nothing can be done if you cant pay for it Right Now!

I feel like I let her down!

RIP my sweet and beautiful Missy! :cry


My dog was killed at Banfield also. It has been two years and it still hurts how it all went down.

@I agree!

The anesthesia is killing our pets. Yet they keep using it, because they know it will stop their heart, and then they ask you if you want to your pet, and that's another $500.

My dog didn't need anesthesia, she was being treated for fluid in her lungs and an irregular heartbeat, they know better. Class action lawsuit forming see Ban Banfield @ Facebook.


Dr. James at Banfield in Fort Worth miagnosed my cat then refused to treat her or talk to me since.

I have submitted messages to Banfield main headquarters many times and all I get is someone will contact you in within 48 hrs. They never respond. Because of Dr. James mistake another vet advised me that Maryemma leg needs to be removed and possible a tumor from her nasal cavity.

I clean her nose and medicate her everyday so she can breathe. Also, I couldn't find most of her medical records on their website.

It seems that Banfield agrees with Dr. James behavior since neither will sddress this issue.


Wow, thanks for the headsup. I was going to take my dogs to Banfield for dental cleanings, but have since changed my mind.


:cry I wish I could siop them.I am sorry for your loss,with my broken heart :cry


:cry... i agree with all my broken heart