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Bought a rat from Petsmart. Thought their policy was that if it got sick within 2 weeks, they would take care of it. thinking that since Banfield was in their store, they would be the ones to handle it. Of course, upon bringing the animal in, the staff did not say that wasn't the case. That Banfield and Petsmart weren't affiliated at all.

They wanted to charge me $45 dollars for medication which should only cost about $10. the vet said he really doesn't know a lot about rats, but didn't want to give me the medicaiton I requested to begin with, which was cheaper. then they charged me a $35 exam fee! for a rat! Which came from their store!

They wanted me to "turn in" the animal, so they could take care of it, then buy it back in two weeks. Are you kidding me? How would I know if it EVER got it's medicine. Within a week, it would be dead. Or I could exchange it for another one, which would be sick within a week also, then we'd start all over again! Their whole attitude was horrible, and they did not want to work with me at all.

I will never take any of my animals there again. My regular vet is so much more knowledgable and nicer (and cheaper!)

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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Banfield is in no way the same business as PetSmart. They only rent space from them, so PetSmart is not Banfield's store.

It is no different then taking your pet to a vet down the street.

Of course they're not going to give you free services due to their proximity to PetSmart and to say the medications should be $10 is rediculous. Welcome to the year 2014.


Shay is right banfield and petsmart have nothing to do with each other. Its just more of a convenients for pet parents.

And that is our policy you return your animal we treat it and then you come back and buy it back. And yes all of our animals that are sick are taken to vets and we recieve meds to give them. We have to give them the meds. If not we will most likely get fired cause that is part of our job.

I have returned a few animals treated them and sent them back home to their families. So if you would have just returned your rat to the Petsmart you brought it at you wouldnt have had to pay a vet bill and your rat would have been returned to you healthy and happy. And dont use Petsmart and banfield in the same sentence most of the employees do not even like Banfield thats just who corp.

makes us go to for our small animals. For our reptiles we go to specialists.


Yea, Banfield is inside PetSmart.. not the same thing..

The two weeks thing is a RETURN policy meaning you have to RETURN the rat. Then they take it the vet, pay for it (at a discounted price) and hold it for you to buy back when the pet is better. "They" didn't charge you 35 exam fee for a rat that came from "their" store. It is not Banfield's store and they get no profits from those animals unless they take care of their ailments.

That's just the way it is... the only thing you have a right to complain about is the fact that your rat got sick in the first place.

PetSmart gets their animals is terrible condition... is sickening.