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Banfield is by far the worst vet I have ever been to. The wellness plans are a total sham.

Every visit, I've had to fight to get the vet to perform the most routine tests that are promised in the plan and even then, they find loopholes to charge you far more that a regular vet would. They charge several times the regular rate for meds ect. so you end up paying for that you would have if you'd gone to a reputable vet. All of the doctors at Banfield are inexperienced and incompetent.

They are clearly only concerned about getting as much money from you as possible. I worked at a vet for over 5 years and know a little bit about what a good vet should do. I recently took my Great Dane into Banfield in Palm Coast and paid a lot of money for a complete senior wellness exam with a full CBC blood panel screen. The vet barely looked at my dog and did not even notice 5 large lipomas until after I pointed them out to her.

She spent LESS THAN 3 minutes examining my dog! She did not ask to review his records nor did she carefully listen to heart and lung function. It was very clear to me the whole exam what just a sham to get money and she did not care at all about my dog's health. She seemed annoyed that I asked questions and did not have informed answers for any of them.

They supposedly did a full CBC panel which (miraculously) came back in about 5 min. However, they did not give me the results and when I came back it to pick them up, I noticed there was an abnormally low level platelet count (148) The doctor had not even noticed it until I pointed it out and then made excused saying it was "normal" A reputable vet would have ordered a manual check of this to confirm. A low level platelet count can be very serious. I now have to go to a real very to have this checked.

The CBC panel itself was not nearly as inclusive as most panels done at regular vets.. yet they charged me 3x what most vets charge! I told her about my dogs cognitive decline and the doctor said she had never heard of Anipryl which is the most commonly diagnosed prescription med for this... nor did she know about choline or Cholodin; which are the most commonly used supplements for canine cognitive decline!

Remarkably uniformed! She did not seem to care at all and did nothing to check him for this... She also said no adults canines can get ear mites which is a lie. She pretended to briefly look into his ears..

(this is not the way to check for mites.. you have to take a swab at look under a microscope) When I worked at the vet, I personally treated at least 30 adults dogs for ear mites. Two years ago, when I took my Great Dane into Banfield on the "platinum plan" for a complete yearly exam and screen... they left him in a small cage all day long and when I picked him up after work - 9 hours later, he could barely walk and had *** and urine all over him!

They told me they did not do anything for him that day.. no tests.. NOTHING! They had forgotten he was there!

The doctor refused t come out and talk to me and they even tried to charge me for that! They also gave him 6 month supply of bad heartworm med that was recalled! They did not want to reimburse me nor did they apologize for their incompetence. If you care at all about your pets, I would avoid this place at all costs!

You are going to get much better care going to a real vet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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I will never use or recommend Banfield ever again. It is a total sham!

They only treat and vaccinate your dog one time not twice. Not the way you care for your dog. If you even mention you are not going to renew the contract, they do not want to talk to you further. The way it is explained your dog will be vaccinated twice in that year, not true at all.

I plan on letting the Better Business Bureau know what a sham it is. They do not care about treating your dog unless you sign up for another year. Ridiculous. The staff was no help when I tried to get my dogs shots with 5 days left on my contract!

They said it was a few days too early! Ridiculous!

No more. Don't use them!

Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi htx777 - Thank you very much for sharing your feedback with us. We are sorry you were not satisfied with your experience at our Bay City hospital and would like you to please share your concerns with our Client Advocate Team, toll-free, at 877-500-2288 or email cat(at)banfield(dot)com. Thanks very much again for your feedback.


The Banfield Team

@Banfield Pet Hospital

Dear Banfield,

I did contact customer service in writing several times and over the phone. However, all they said was that I owe them money for the platinum plan from over 2 years ago.

I cancelled the plan due to the negligent care that my dog received at your clinic in Bradenton FL. He was not even treated. Ironic the only thing customer service was concerned about was trying to poach more money from me... which is exactly my point!

By the way, 2 years ago.. I went through all this and spent hours on the phone and was told this was resolved and that I was released from the plan... only to find out recently that you had still listed me flagged in the system. It is FRAUD to charge for services you fail to provide.

I am now just trying to warn people to avoid the same mistake I made. If you look online, you will see thousands of complaints almost identical to mine and yet you continue to do nothing about it. I know you are aware that you are scamming people, but you clearly don't care. That is probably why you have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau and most consumer groups.

I strongly suggest you start really listening to you customers. You are the most unethical businesses I have ever seen.

FYI it was not the Bay City hospital.. it was Bradenton and Palm Coast Florida.


To prove what I am saying, I have posted the email response from you to the one that I sent customer service yesterday.


Thank you for contacting Banfield Pet Hospital. This reply is to acknowledge that we have received your e-mail message. We are showing that XXXX’s Wellness Plan canceled to collections on 1/20/10 and the collections issues has not been resolved. There is a collections balance due of $303.60 which you can pay either in person at the nearest Banfield to your or you can also make the collections payment over the phone with our Financial Department at 1-888-322-7852. I am sorry if you feel that your pet received inferior care at your local Banfield, I would suggest that you speak to our Client Advocate Team in regards to this concern. They can be reached at 1-877-500-2288.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your Pet’s needs.


Banfield Pet Hospital

From: XXXX@msn.com]

Sent: Sunday, May 26, 2013 1:21 PM

To: cst.inbox

Subject: Deeply Concerned

I am deeply concerned and upset about a recent visit to Banfield Pet Hospital in Palm Coast, FL. Not only did my dog receive inferior care, one of your employees informed (in confidence she said because she said "if it were me I'd want to know there are bad things written about me in the system) She told me my account is "red flagged" and that there are collections against me for charges related to you "wellness plan" This matter was resolved over two years ago after many hours on the phone, a BBB complaint. I have posted the details of that below in the final paragraph. At that time, I was told the matter was resolved, I owed nothing and Banfield agreed to allow me out of the plan due to the fact my dog did not receive treatment and you prescribed him with a batch of bad heartworm medicine.. among other things. Now, I find that I am still flagged in your system...there are negative comments about me in your computer and as a result, I believe I have now also been treated unfairly. I have noticed that Banfield has a very low rating and thousands of online complaints for similar issues.. yet you do nothing about it. At a minimum, I expect any negative comments about me to be removed from you system.. the "flag' taken off..., and I would like to be reimbursed for my recent visit for the blood work because I now have to go to another vet to have this redone.