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I am extremely disappointed in the duplicitous policy that Banfield has with their wellness plan. When I signed my kittens up, I was told the plan was for one year. I was never told that it would renew automatically. While they were kittens, it seemed like a good deal. But since they are healthy, I had no intention of continuing to pay a monthly fee as I knew I would never recoup my expenses.

During that one year, I received very little service and once was told to cancel a check-up for my kittens because it was an "unneccessary appointment". Again, another reason why I had planned not to renew my wellness plan.

When I thought the year was almost up, I called to schedule a final check-up for the cats. I asked the receptionist if my plan was still in effect since I did not know the exact expiration date. She said yes, it was still in effect so I made the appointment.

After the year was over, I started noticing that I was still being charged a monthly fee. I figured this was a mistake so I called Banfield. They referred me to a phone number that was disconnected. I called them back and got a different phone number.

After being on hold for 15 minutes, I finally spoke to someone who said that I could cancel but that I owed the balance of the services from my last visit. Apparently, my last visit was 2 weeks after the initial year had ended and so now these services were covered under a new wellness plan that I never wanted.

For the check-up and shots, I was told that the total cost was $404 for the first cat and $402 for the second cat. That is outrageous!! I then called a different Banfield and asked for a quote for similar services and was told that they would be approximately $120 per cat. So now, to cancel my plan, I need to pay them $800 for services that would have cost $240. What???

This practice is extremely deceitful and underhanded. I have already filed a dispute with my Visa card and will do so for every month that they try to charge me.

I will NEVER use the services of Banfield animal hospital and will never shop at Petsmart again and will tell everyone I know what horrible business practices they choose to follow.

They should be ashamed.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Maybe, Duh, you should try not to be such an *** troll, and stop defending a company thay is known for only caring for money, medical incompetence, rude abd nonexsistant customer service.


Maybe you should've read the terms of your contract, like a normal human being with common sense. :roll