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My daughter took her Chihuahua puppy to a local Banfield and of course as the proud grandparents of the puppy my husband and I went too. Banfield sells a good game, however when all is said and done, they know absolutely nothing, about true care for a pet, or the pet's family. The vet has never spoken to us when going there. They whisk our little Bella Rose away with a person with a title of "director of Pet Nursing" - and her qualifications are????? My poor little Bella was seen 2 times there without incident and then this rude person muzzled her because she said Bella tried to *** her. Additionally, this ignorant employee "the director of pet nursing", said that Bella should not be bred because her temperment is deficient. Furthermore, she brought poor little Bella out with blood dripping down her back leg (this is not an exageration), where apparently they had to draw blood for one of Bella's tests. Ummm well maybe if they didn't take pets from their family to a strange area with all strangers and a very large dog next to her barking non-stop, she wouldn't have tried to snap at someone. They traumatized little Bella. I think I would have been scared and snapped too. Especially if I was being handled by someone who clearly has no patience for scared little puppies. Bella Rose's temperment is so sweet, there is nothing deficient or defective about her. I cannot say the same about the "director of pet nursing though." I believe she was entirely deficient and defective in her handling of small puppiies.

It's interesting to me that Bella goes to the groomers all the time and gets her nails ground and never has a problem being handled.

I registered a complaint with Banfield's complaint line 877-500-2288 on 7/29/2010 and was told by a very polite customer service person, that "senior management" would get back to me within a week. It's now a month later and I placed a follow up call a week ago and was again told the same thing. I will probably not live long enough to hear that phone call come back to me from the senior management team. I have asked for them to discontinue my wellness plan for Bella, and I guess I will have to fight about that as well, because they can't even address my present concern.

I feel Banfield is absolutely the worst place to take your four-legged family member. Please don't take your precious puppies to them. They don't really care about your pet or you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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I'm interested to know what location this was? While I am not the biggest Banfield fan and I am not sticking up for them by any means I can say that sometimes it is best that pets are taken away from their owners when doing certain things because SOMETIMES they behave better.

It is not uncommon for her to be bleeding down her leg where they took blood, though they should have certainly made sure the bleeding stopped and she was cleaned up before giving her back to you. If she tried to snip at somebody they obviously have to muzzle her its a safety precaution. However, lets be honest, how much damage can a chihuahua do.

But getting groomed and getting poked with needles and blood drawn are two different things. Anyway just curious as to which location this was....


good luck trying to cancel your wellness plan. Most likely they will ask you to pay for the services that have been used on the plan so far or ask you to pay out the plan.

and you are lucky management did not call you back because it would have either been the director of pet nurse or the office manager and they would probably stick up for each other. If they do not call within a certain time the vet or field director is suppose to call you but even then it is a fight to get your plan cancelled without paying a lot out.