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I took my 11 wk Dalmatian puppy in to Banfield b/c she had a small lump on her neck that seemed to be tender when touched. The attending vet looked at her & immediately told us it was cancer & said that it needs to be surgically removed IMMEDIATELY or that my puppies life was in danger.

For some reason, in the back of my mind I did not believe the lump was cancerous at all. I had to ASK THE VET for an anti-inflammatory to try to bring down the swelling. The veterinarian was very rude and condescending when I would ask her questions about my puppies' health.

She gave us a weeks' worth of anti-inflammatory & an antibiotic & we scheduled the appt for surgery, b/c we didn't know what else to do. During the course of the next week, the bump started to get smaller, so we decided to take Kali to another vet to get a second opinion.

This vet was EXTREMELY thorough & even withdrew fluid from the bump & sent it to the lab to be tested, a procedure that the vet at Banfield told me was not possible. The results came back today, & the lab determined that the bump is an inflammation & has absolutely no cancerous cells whatsoever.

Banfield wanted to put my 3 month old puppy through a surgery that was not necessary at all. They determined that the bump was cancerous based on absolutely no medical findings. I will never take Kali back to Banfield again!!!!

Hopefully this review will save somebody from the stress & worry that I went through to find out her bump was nothing! Luckily she is all better & happy as can be

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I took my puppy in during wellness hours when I was worried about a bump on his eye. The doc squeezed it and said it should go away. It worked.


How could she know it was cancerous without taking a biopsy... Strange. As with humans, you should always get a second opinion on something so serious.