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On Saturday, November 3rd, 2012, I took my dog Roscoe to Petsmart (Fern Park) to be groomed. Around 12 noon I returned to pick him up. As per usual, I took Roscoe outside, before paying, so he could *** When we got outside he started huffing really bad and not acting quite right. On our way back inside he started having problems walking so I scooped him up in my arms and carried him to check out.

As we were in the checkout line the lady behind me made a remark about Roscoe pooping on the floor while in my arms…as I got to the cashier Roscoe went completely limp and died in my arms. I took/rushed him to Banfield in the vain hope that there was something that could be done for him. When the Vet Tech took Roscoe from my arms he was already dead.

About ten minutes after taking him to Banfield the Manager came in with Jaime S., Roscoe’s groomer for the past 3yrs. Jaime came in to the room crying and saying how sorry she was about what happened. The Veterinarian and staff in Banfield, for the next two hours kept telling me lies about his condition. Saying he was responding to oxygen, wagging his tail & rolling over to get tummy rubs. The tummy rub line rang distant bells in my mind, Roscoe always hated having his tummy rubbed, but in my grief I didn’t question it when I should have.

During this time Banfield took 4 chest x-rays & did blood cultures on my dead dog. It was not until they secured payment that they finally stopped with the charade and told me Roscoe had passed away.

I tried filing a complaint w/my Visa card, but unfortunately they said it was Banfield's word against mine. Someone from Banfield called after I complained to Corporate Offices, but of course she said the staff all backed each other up and there was nothing they could do for me. She said Petsmart had offered to reimburse me the charges ($344.78) but a month later I have not heard nor seen said check.

Monetary Loss: $345.

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Petsmart reimbursed the money spent in full.

Banfield still claims they did nothing wrong.

I will never walk in to a Bansfield ever. In doing some research online, there are numerous complaints from employees as well as other customers unhappy with their so called "services." This place should be shutdown.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi Bearysoft - We are sorry about the loss of your dog and we empathize with you during this difficult time. We escalated this to PetSmart, and their customer service team has notified us that they will contact you.

If you have additional concerns that have not yet been addressed, please reconnect with PetSmart directly.

Again, we are sorry for your loss. Sincerely, The Banfield Team


Just because a dog goes limp does not mean he is dead. Dogs can be revived, just like people.

I highly doubt that the entire vet clinic decided to lie and tell you that your dog was alive when in fact, he wasn't. I understand that you are grieving, but accusations like that are extremely out of line.