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My Dog passed away at 10 years of age from a "grapefruit" size tumor that ruptured in her spleen that went undetected by the Banfield Vet I took her to regularly . She was a large dog and the ER vet said it would not be noticeable to me but should have been caught by a VET!!!

So much for preventative care.... To add insult to injury when I called to cancel my "wellness" plan because my beloved friend had DIED they MADE ME PAY FOR THE REST OF THE MONTHS ON HER PLAN. So not only did I have to pay over $1000 to the ER vet, 500 to the crematory, and say goodbye to beautiful dog who was a member of my family--- I had to pay Banfield for several months to come even though the dog covered by the plan was no longer alive. That is truly sick.

How can they sleep at night. NEVER NEVER NEVER again will I use their services.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Banfield has Wellness Plan that are pre-paid preventive care services. It is not insurance! You can't just cancel it at any time when you decide to go to Progressive or Geico for your pets actual insurance. You are signing a contract for a year at a time for healthy pet services and office visits. It is not for emergencies and does not cover medicines or extra fees... it is exactly what it sounds like: preventive care! Whatever Banfield employee that was discussing the wellness plan with you should have made it clear that even if something happens to your pet you still have to pay for those services because you signed a contract!!! Pay closer attention when you decided to autograph a piece of paper with a lot of small words... that is what I did. I asked every question that came into my head and then some before signing that paper... they really are helpful wellness plans for healthy check-ups for your pet. Also, having a pet is like having a child... you have to have the funds there to be able to take care of the random things that pop up or the possible emergencies that take place!

It is very sad that your pet passed away! I am not judging anyone's stupidity but just think about things in the long run... it happens to us as people too when we get sick and pass away! You still have to pay hospital bills and funeral costs... Even though for myself, I love my two dogs and my one cat and if they died, then the last thing on my mind would be money. I would say the same thing for my family or if I had children.

Again, I am sorry for the unfortunate loss of your pet. That is a difficult thing for anyone to bear.



Thanks for the information. This is good to know before I purchase their pet insurance. I only use them for walkins.


btw your dog tasted good. like chicken.


i think Kevin was being very helpful he gave you a good suggestion. you care more about money than your dog like he said you never really cared about the dog, and i believe you are grieving this is why you are treating people badly.

also kevin is a human name not a screen name, you too are hiding behind a screen name.

I went to the chinese restaurant and they said the meat they had was dog, came from a 10 year old dog that passed away, said the owner with the nick name "talldrink" sold it to them after the dog was fed rat poison from her. want my real name gino.


Dudes, seriously this person's dog just died cut them some slack.


You are the pathetic one. Your dog probably died because he had to have yo for a owner, from broken heart wold rather die than have you for a owner.


DEAR *** "wow" and *** "kevin" My dog passed away a year ago. I am not in a "grieving period" I am in an "EDUCATING OTHER CONSUMERS" period.

This is a forum to talk about consumer experience not pass judgement on people's experience. Get a life and stop commenting on matters that you have nothing to do with.

This site was created to give consumers a voice. You are pathetic people that hide behind screen names and hang out on forums to voice your stupidity which is neither helpful or constructive.


IT is obvious you are still in grief, when you are through with your grief you won't blame other's for your dogs death. After that dig up your dead dog, and sell it to the nearest chinese restauent so that the next time you eat their chicken special you think of her. since you are more concerned about money than the dog i am sure that the income they pay you to slauter and cook your dog and serve it as chicken will make you more happy.


IT seems like you ar more concerned about having to pay for the rest of the months on her plan than the dog. Talk about cruel. You are the one that is truely sick if you value money more than the dead dog.