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My dog had been diagnosed with seasonal allergies by Banfield twice, with excessive, costly testing done both times. The third time I went in for a visit and to get the allergy medications for my dog, I was told more testing ($$$$) was needed.

I explained that the diagnosis of the seasonal allergies had been made in the past and the symptoms were the exact same therefore I just needed the same medications that solved the same, recurrent problem in the past. He proceeded to collect a sample for testing anyway! The Dr. told me that he would give me the meds needed but only if I "Committed" to the recheck visit.

As the mother of 3 children and having numerous dogs, I had never heard of mandatory rechecks and that I would come back only if I determined that there was a need for follow up treatment. The Dr. became very angry and told me I would not get the meds for Amber and he would not treat us without the commitment to the recheck ($$$$$PAYMENT). I told him it seemed like an ultimatum and I questioned if it was for the benefit of my dog (remember this is chronic seasonal allergies not an acute injury and I have been through this 3 times) or to increase fees.

Apparently I pushed a hot button and he threw me and my dog out of the office for questioning the integrity of his profession, he sent us away without the medication he agreed to prescribe to my dog (ethical priorities?). BTW he directed me to pay a bill for the office visit on my way out. NICE! I did not pay for the office visit and I called my attorney and the Banfield Complaint line to share my experience.

The silver lining is that I found petmed.com and got OTC products that work better then the prescriptions for a quarter of the price.

I will never use Banfield again. It is all about un-needed tests, follow up visit fees and bullies who guilt you into things that defy common sense.

I will litigate!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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As follow up... here we are 4 weeks later.

I had immediately contacted Bainfield to share my experience. I was told that they would look into it and contact me in 5 business days. I did not hear anything after the 5 business days.

Additionally, I email the CEO of the company and he emailed me back, indicating that they would look in to this and be in touch. I never heard back.


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