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I have been using Banfield with their wellness plan for about 4 years. Lucky enough for me my dogs were healthy during that time.

In Sept 2014 my 11 year Boston Terrier starting urinating in the house frequently and urinating more frequently than normal. I can tell that there was an issue. I brought him in to Banfield they said it was behavioral that his labs were good so they did no further testing. This behavior came and went for my dog over the nexet several months .

It came back and progressively got worse in March 2015 so i borought him back in on 03/29/2015. They diagnosed him with a Urinary tract infection and but him on antibotics. After two follow up visits and month of being on the antibotics my dog was still showing all the same syptoms even though Banfield said he was getting better. I knew something was not right so I took him to another Vet.

Within 5 minutes of the visit they checked my dog out and found a lump on his prostate. Two days later they had a Dr do an ultar sound in the office where I fould out my dog has bladder cancer. The Vet also informed me Male dogs rarely have Urinary Tract infections as a "primary" issue, in males they are almost always a secondary issue caused by soemthing else so there was no reason to treat him with an antibiotic for a UTI for a month with no further testing . I complained to Banfield's customer adovacate group and told them do not have someone form that location call me.

So what happens someone from taht location calls me and tells me my dog was getting better , we obviously dod not agree so he said he would escalate the issue and i have yet to here back. HORRIBLE SERVICE FROM A HORRIBLE COMPANY DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOGS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Them at all.

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The problem with Banfield's in general is that they hire very young, inexperienced vets then massively overbook them so that they only get a few mins with each appointment. They don't have time to look in depth at cases, and becaus wthey change Drs so often you get different Drs seeing your pet so they aren't familiar with it. They are great for vaccines, but for anything else I would get a vet that is able to spend quality time with your pet.