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I brought my cocker spaniel to Banfield in Feb 2017since I had purchased an wellness plan for a suspected ear infection. If you tell the Banfield vet you think it is an ear infection, the Banfield vet will tell you, you are right!!!

Along with a couple of test and of course you buy their medication. They were so kind to let me know that a physical with blood work was part of the plan, I told them go ahead and take care of all services while I’m here. I was handed a $350.00 bill for services not covered by the wellness plan, but the Vet failed to inform me of the blood work done on my dog, that the markers were so high ,my pet would soon be in kidney failure. I went on my way until ten months later when I took my cocker spaniel back to Banfield because he lost ten pounds in one month, they ran blood work, and the vet told me my dog was in full pancreatic failure , then had the nerve to tell me they think they ran his blood work wrong twice, sometimes this happens due to how they put the blood on the slide, but referred me to a VCA pet hospital .

VCA insisted my dog would die unless I gave them approx $2,800 for two nights and Banfield was wrong my dog was having full blown kidney failure. I took my dog to a hometown vet that informed me that it was too late I had to put my dog down, they went on to tell me that VCA would have sucked around ten thousand dollars out of me knowing it was to late to save the dog. If Banfield would have done there job the first time and told me how high my dogs blood levels were I probably could have saved my dog. All the vets care about is how much more they can make ontop of the wellness program by always running unessarry tests.

They they give you a *** printout that says how much they saved you. I compared there prices to my vet prices.

Banfield is triple the amount. Please do not go to Banfield, they will kill your pet!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I feel that they are always telling me that my dog needs additional treatments and tests when he goes in for a wellness visit. I think they try to run up my bill.

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