I had a five month old German Shepherd and I was taking him regularly to Banfield Pet Hospital on 6134 E. Colonial Dr Orlando, FL 32807, every time we went in there they said our dog was perfectly normal and healthy. We were paying for the best treatments, and they told us he had neutering in the package that we were purchasing and they said it would be a simple procedure that they always do and we could even add his hernia procedure in there as well. I dropped him off on Saturday February 16th, 2014 without even saying goodbye to him because i thought I would see him back at 5 p.m. like they said.

My boyfriend told them before doing any procedures to please call him so that they could tell him the estimate price, and they never called regardless that I was the one dropping him off he wanted them to call him first.

After the procedure when they called my boyfriend and I in to tell us our dog had passed they wouldn't give us any reason as to why he passed except that at first they were saying he had a "heart attack" but towards the end told us they have no idea as to why he passed. one of the veterinarians also said she had witnessed Keyz open his eyes before the took the oxygen off of him and when we spoke to the second vet performing the procedure she said the other vet was not even in the room.p

i would like a thorough investigation done on Banfield pet hospital on 6134 E. Colonial Dr Orlando, FL 32807 with an investigation on the process and the veterinarians and the technicians, on their policies and procedures to determine that their priority is for the pets health, and not just as an assembly line.



My email is fhaxhaj11@icloud.com

Fabiola Haxhaj

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They killed my dog , investigation ongoing , they need to be shut down ! I’m very sad for your loss!

Orlando, Florida, United States #1184367

I realize that this is an old thread. My heart cries for your pain, I lost my dog two years ago as well, my dog passed away from vet negligence, is such a painful experience, I hope that your heart is healed and you had a satisfactory resolution.


I'm so sorry that happened our pets are our families and our babies. I wouldn't trade my vet for anything in the world been going to them for 11 years.

If you ever need a vet they are;

Pershing Oaks Animal Hospital

Orlando, FL

corner of Goldenrod Rd and Pershing.


My heart goes out to you and i hope justice is done for the loss of your "Baby", pets are like family to me


It sounds to me as if they may have over sedated the puppy causing him to either go into cardiac arrest. Its not a good idea to sedate, neuter or spay a pet until their at least 8 months old unless an its a emergency surgery situation.

I usually wait until my animals are a year old before I have them spayed or neutered. Less chance of serious complications.

I'm sorry for your loss.

to Anonymous #1064277

Actually, it is easier on the pet (and the surgeon) to spay before the pet goes into heat- less risk of hemorrhage, faster surgery, etc. As for neutering, early neuter decreases the chance of the male developing bad habits of marking or becoming aggressive.


Please file a complaint with the state board of veterinary medical examiners and the BBB. Also boycott ALL Mars Candy Company Products and get everyone you know to do the same.

They make all of the popular candies, plus so much more. Many popular pet foods, including Nutro, Greenies, Pedigree, Whiskas and so much more. They also make food, such as Uncle Bens Rice and drinks. They also make fancy coffee makers and coffee and teas for them.

Mars Candy Company owns Banfield. Hit them where it hurts! Stop buying all of their products! I have!

They also perform deadly, painful testing on animals.

Go to marscandykills.com and see a gruesome devastating video for yourself. Then ask yourself, is that bag of M and M's worth it?


You went to a chain vet and you're surprised? How many complaints do you see on this site with chain Medical, Dental and Vets?

When will *** people stop going to chain healthcare facilities? You went because it's "convenient" and now you maybe understand why you shouldn't go to a chain.

These chains are driven by money and expansion not by taking care your health. Don't be ***.

to Anonymous Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #1206682

Precisely. Maybe it's all the misspelled or incoherent comments, but I really get the impression that these chain clinics appeal primarily to the lazy and/or ***.

Los Angeles, California, United States #789517

You shouldn't neuter a shepherd until he is full grown. Otherwise you are asking for hip issues.

They simply don't developed correctly when neutered. I suggest anyone who is going to look at neutering weigh the options. Please do complete research on the subject before taking the vets word for it. Many vets simply do not read the current research on the subject.

Banfield gave me a hard time about neutering our shep. After talking to other vets and legit research we passed. We also finally got off that crack plan they sell you. Our Shep is 3 years old, totally healthy and has 0 "bad habit" doesn't spray anywhere blah blah.

I'm terribly sorry for your loss, if you replace that puppy please google reasons why you should not neuter him. He has a better chance at being healthy and happy without it and stay away from Banfield unless you like throwing your money away for bad care.

to Kasp #858364

You're an ***. Hip issues (dysplasia) happens because of genetic disposition or growing too fast (like if you feed them adult large breed formula instead of puppy formula food).

And no, he does not have a better chance at being healthy and happy, because when you neuter, YOU REDUCE THE CHANCE OF TESTICULAR CANCER TO ZERO.

As well as eliminating or reducing territorial behavior, aggression, and wandering for females. Oh, not to mention eliminating the chance of producing puppies because, you know, SHELTERS ARE FULL OF DOGS THAT ARE KILLED EVERY YEAR because people like you think they're breeders, when in reality, all you are are puppy mill losers.

to Anonymous Columbus, Ohio, United States #1080040

I think you said one part backwards...giant breeds do not need puppy food..or even the large breed foods because of the high protein content.Feeding them high protein leads to growing pains and possible hip displaysia..(or however you spell it,lol)..In other words,no high protein food..especially puppy food.I have also read that neutering large/giant breeds too early can mess with their growth hormones..so I would wait til 1 year to neuter,but definitely get it done to reduce the cancer risk if not breeding.

to Kasp #1013100

The VET should NOT neuter the puppy, not the owner! The owner was doing what they thought was best. they just lost their family member so get off their case and have a heart!

to weloveparrots Saint Kilda, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #1209754

See kids, this is what happens when you don't work hard at school. You too could wind up typing incoherent gibberish on the internet.

New York, New York, United States #788251

i'm sorry for your loss, sue them!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #787077

I think it is quite a common occurrence for this particular hospital as they have had a non-veterinarian in charge of its operations for some time. You can maybe try calling and asking to reach out to Gary Behler to see if he will take ownership of what has happened?

to Mic***e #804833

Gary Behler just insulted me after my explanation of a Banfield killing my dog in ohio. He is officially on my kick someones butt list. How do I contact this piece of Garbage?

to ***ed in Willoughby Deptford Township, New Jersey, United States #930318

How did they kill your dog? I HOPE you didnt let them get away with it!

Banfield in Deptford,NJ KILLED my Pomeranian, Missy on 11/25/14. You can read her story at banfieldkilledmissy.com

Sorry for your loss!

I know how you feel since they killed my dog too. It is devastating.

to weloveparrots #1590690

Banfield in Spring Hill fl. killed my Kenzie on 4.4.18, .

The law needs to be changed and these kind of Vetrenarian -Chain-Clinics need to be shut down.I had no clue until this happens and I went on consumer affairs , I was shocked, but little to late for my Kenzie . All about Money !

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