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Earlier this year (Feb /March 2011 timeframe), my mother took my 8 year old female beagle Maxie in to Banfield, her medical provider, to get a checkup done due to an obvious mass on Maxie's left side of her abdomen. When Maxie was seen Dr. Hurry examined her out and told my mother that the mass was simply fat and that she needed to lose weight. He advised that if the mass got larger then he would suggest operating to remove it. In June, 2011, we brought Maxie in to Banfield because her eyes were profusely leaking in tears. The doctor that saw Maxie was a female by the name of Dr. Singh. She was very rude and inconsiderate of Maxie's situation. She prescribed Maxie with eye drops that ended up having no effect in her eyes tearing.

In July 2011 Maxie began having symptoms of back problems. She began walking as if too much weight was forced on her back side. We brought her back to Banfield and Dr. Hurry examined her once again. He mentioned that Maxie had back problems and that it was very common in beagles. Her back pain became so severe that Maxie could take no more than 1 or 2 steps at a time and would have to sit or lay down. We brought her back in to Banfield and Dr. Hurry prescribed her prednisone. Prednisone, a steroid, made no improvement to Maxie's problem. Not once did Banfield make any recommendations to do x-rays or blood work or any further exams.

Days later Maxie began salivating and coughing a lot. We brought her back to Banfield and Dr. Hurry stated that she had an infection that was causing her cough and he placed her on antibiotics. Maxie's health worsened and we took her in to a local veterinarian that was recommended to us by a relative. They immediately ran several tests such as x-rays and blood work. Her blood work came out normal for the most part but the x-rays showed a large mass inside her abdomen. This mass turned out to be a large tumor. The tumor was so large that it was causing her organs to be pushed to her sides, explaining the left mass on her left abdomen. Dr. Craft was the vet that examined Maxie and he gave us two options.

The first option was euthanasia because the tumor was so large and it was causing too many complications to Maxie's health, not to mention that due to the size of the tumor it seemed very hopeless for a chance at survival.

The second option was to operate to determine if the tumor was benign or malignant but it would be a high risk surgery with the potential for Maxie to pass as soon as she receives anesthesia. I decided to move forward with the operation because I remained hopeful in that she would come out ok and she would get the chance to continue living. Dr. Craft performed the surgery and found the large tumor to be benign. He removed it and Maxie survived the surgery in a stable condition. Dr. Craft showed us the tumor; I almost fainted when I saw it. It turned out to be a 4 lb. tumor resting inside her abdomen. He recommended for Maxie to stay in his clinic over night for further observation. He asked us to call him the following morning to see if Maxie improves.

We called the next day and he advised that Maxie was doing much better and was ready to go home. We were ecstatic and picked her up a couple of hours later. Dr. Craft mentioned that due to the large size of the tumor it caused complications to her lungs which were the reason why she salivated and had a chronic cough. There were fluids in her lungs and the prednisone that Banfield prescribed her took a toll on her ability to properly recover. We took Maxie home and she seemed to be doing well, aside from being fragile and not being able to walk due to the 6 inch incision that was made on her abdomen. Later that evening Maxie's cough worsened and she began breathing heavily while she slept. We immediately took her to the nearest animal hospital. She arrived not breathing and without a pulse. The doctors immediately performed CPR and revived her. The doctors mentioned that she had gone too long without sufficient oxygen to her brain, meaning she was brain dead. There was nothing they could do for her. As a result, we had to euthanize Maxie.

I would like for Banfield to assume responsibility of not properly diagnosing our beloved pet and causing her so much pain and suffering, including to us, her family. During the past month, especially this past weekend, we have incurred a total amount of $2,500.00. I would like for Banfield to take responsibility for what they did and cover the costs that we had to incur as a result of Banfield not properly diagnosing Maxie. I have done some research on Banfield to see if there are other cases similar to Maxie's and I found thousands of cases like ours.

I would like for Banfield to be investigated and put a stop to their careless practices. Thousands of pets have wrongly died a slow and painful death due to Banfield's negligence and I want this to stop so that no more defenseless animals and their animals have to experience what we experienced with this organization.

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I have already contacted the phone number you provided numerous times and the reps continue to tell me that it is not Banfield's fault that my beagle died because of their negligence. They also tell me that there is nothing Banfield can do for me.

Banfield Pet Hospital

First of all we want to say how sorry we are to hear about the loss of Maxie. We are currently unaware of this situation and I do want to make sure we acknowledge your concerns, to discuss this further please give our Client Advocate Team a call at 877-500-2288.