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I am in a very angry place right now. June 10, 2009 I took my darling Precious in for a routine dental cleaning. The nurses told me that she would be "foggy" for a day or so. June 13, 2009 she wasn't any better. In fact, she could barely walk, would not drink water or eat, and would barely respond to her name being called. I took her to the Banfield with Urgent Care and they could not figure out what was wrong with her. They did some x-rays thinking that she had GVD, and they were negative. They gave her an IV trying to keep her hydrated. I left there wondering what the *** was wrong with my dog. I had just spent $318 and had no answer. Sunday afternoon she was worse. I took her to the Banfield by my house and they thought that she had pancreatitis. They ran the test, and it was negative. At approx 1:30 she was given a shot of atropine because her heart rate had dropped down to 50. So I went from having a very lethargic dog with a low heart rate to a lethargic dog with a fast heart rate. They sent me on my way. They said the shot should last about 12 hours. Well, at approx 3pm on that same day, we were back at Banfield. They gave her an IV and another shot of atropine at 4:30 because her heart rate had dropped again. I took her home still not understanding. About 6:30 her heart rate dropped again. Because the Banfield by my home was closed, I drove across town to the Urgent Care Banfield. We discussed possible Addison's. The doc suggested that I take her to Gulf Coast Vet Specialists here in Houston. She was given another shot of atropine prior to our trip across town to GCVS. I arrived at the ER of GVCS and she was admitted for observation and then Monday morning transferred to ICU. I left there at 11pm and was back at 6:30 Monday June 15, 2009. (My birthday) I was able to sit and cuddle with her for about an hour before moving her to ICU upstairs. Once in ICU I got to speak with the doc. From the get-go, they were concerned that she had a stroke. I went ahead and signed all the necessary paperwork to have all the tests under the sun taken. Including the $600 Addison's test. I left Precious there in ICU and came back at 4pm to visit with her. She looked a little better, but was still in the "fog." I came back Tuesday morning and she seemed worse to me. But the docs explained that they had worked her pretty good that morning and was exhausted. I could see that! So, I left and came back at 4pm Tuesday afternoon. She was SOOOO much better. She was still "foggy" but she was responsive! I got the results for the Addison's test, and they were negative. Thank goodness!! The doc mentioned that if she keeps improving like she was, then I could take her home Thursday, June 18, 2009. ** Please know that I took video of my darling Precious every visit!! ** So I left Tuesday night with a lot of hope!! Before leaving I made my 10 am appointment to come by the next morning for a visit with my girl. I received a call at 8am from the nurse and she said to not wait for my 10am visit, and that I needed to come by ASAP. She explained to me that she was not eating and that they had started to notice some head tremors. Of course, I RUSHED to GCVS. When I got there, they brought my girl in. She was not really with it. The doc said that she could walk because she is strong, but she was not coordinated at all. so the doc left us alone. I went to a corner and called my Precious to me. She walked the 3 steps but not very well. I in-turn walked to the other side of the room and called her. She had a hard time turning around and then once turned around, she ran into the walk and then walked along the wall with her head tilted against the wall. After that, she was done.........exhausted!! I laid her down and then I saw for the first time her head start to tremor. She started having little seizures and I called the doc in. She said that she could give her anti-seizure medicine, but she will not get any better. Right then, I knew that I had to let my baby girl Precious go. I laid behind her and snuggled her and told her how much I loved her and that I was sorry. The doc came in and administered the meds and then my baby was gone. The doc thanked me for allowing them the opportunity to do everything they could to help her. GCVS was absolutely fantastic. I wonder if Banfield would have sent me there sooner, if Precious would have made it. My Precious suffered for days while the docs at Banfield scratched their heads. GCVS said that Precious had a stroke while getting her teeth cleaned and that she did not receive the proper amount of oxygen which caused the stroke. I am in such an angry place right now. I spent approx $4000 from Saturday June 13, 2009 to Wednesday June 17, 2009 and she is still gone!

I am all about joining some kind of lawsuit against Banfield. Their Incompetence caused me to lose Precious. My loss is totally indescribable!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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they need to be reported to the Board for their incompetence. Banfield also misdiagnosed my mother's cat - they told her she had megacolon when in fact she had a tumor growing in her stomach. It was only until it was too late - she was brought to an emergency clinic and put to sleep there because the tumor was inoperable.


i am so sorry for your loss im pissed off at them as well because they gave my dog too many vaccinations at once he broke out with hives and it was horrible i had to take him to the emergency hospital and they told me dont take him back there if you love your pet we get too many complains from them :cry


I am so sorry for your loss. I am fighting with Banfield right now because the doctor punctured my cat's eardrum and proceeded to pour cleaning solution in his ear.

(My complaint is under the Daytona Banfield.) I will get to the point, the emergency vets told me my cat had ototoxicity- an inner ear infection due to chemical poisoning. Even though it has been 1 1/2 months since he was treated for this "mistake", my cat has a hearing loss in that ear, holds his head down to the left, and cannot walk without losing his balance. I was told this may be permanent. I am thankful he is still alive, but hate that his quality of life was ruined by one person, who refuses to take responsibility.

I feel you anger and pain and would gladly join any class action suit that was brought against this *** company. Oh, they wouldn't let me cancel my wellness plan, so I closed the account it was drawn they can kiss my ***!



I wish I would have done some research on this place before taking my kittens there about 2 weeks ago!!!! My kitten died after being a customer for only 2 weeks.. and I am stuck owing so much money for that *** wellness plan!!


i am sorry for your loss.


I am sorry for your loss. :cry

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