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Update by user Apr 12, 2013

I wanted to give an update at this point there has not been any contact from Banfield and I am in the process of filing a lawsuit and class action lawsuit against Banfield for their incompetency.

Original review posted by user Mar 12, 2013

On March 2, 2013, I took my daughter Chloe (cat) into Banfield Pet Hospital for a dental cleaning at 0700. I went to pick her up at 1630 and brought her home.

Chloe did not seem to be her peppy self, so I called the hospital and they told me it is because the anethesia was still waring off. Well Sunday and Monday came and she seemed to be normal until the nightmare started at 2130, March 5th. Chloe started vomiting blood after eating. I rushed her to the Emergency Room where they rushed her to the back to get vitals and x-rays.

While trying to get x-rays, Chloe filled up with air all through out her body. Upon further examination from the surgeon and the doctor on duty, Chloe's trachea had been severed from the improper deflation of the breathing tube used to put animals out to do procedures.

All they want to do is send a card for condolences instead of taking responsibility for killing our pets. Due to me having to get CareCredit to pay for the care of Chloe in the Emergency Room I am now going to lose my home that I was supposed to close on March 29th.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Banfield killed my dog, Missy too. It was the one located in Deptford, NJ.

Please read her sad story at

So sorry for your loss, I know how much it hurts.

I cry every day for my sweet little girl!

Submit your story to

contact me and I will join your class action suit. Email me at


had same problem at VCA with bull changes then ran up on pets...had to put cat to sleep because of them. do not take your pet to VCA also the city only will pay them in kickback deal so when you adopt pet like I did...(turns out pet was prepared to shell out lots of money)be very, very, wary of VCA as they really set up massive bills. and they also keep you from being seen by downrating your comments


@wow I do not know why so many would have marked BS either because they were not there at the emergency room trying to fight to keep her alive and have to get the carecredit to pay for her treatment. They were not there when the mortgage lender tells you your application for a home has been denied because you opened up the carecredit account to pay for your childs health care.

Then to sit there and have a collection company post on your credit report as well because of the wellness plan, when they killed my child. Over my dead body and a cold day in *** will they ever get the money.

I am in the process of suing over everything.


I am NOT paying another *** cent toward my wellness plans either. I had 3 dogs on their highest plan.

They killed one of my Pomeranians. They are liars too and wrote a bunch of untrue stuff in her records and wrote nasty comments about me and my daughter in my dogs records. Banfields all across the country are responsible for thousands of deaths. Unfortunately they get away with it because all you can sue for is out of pocket expenses and the cost of the pet.

We all need to file a class action suit at and make them pay big bucks. Of course you only get a nominal amount of money, but I dont care about the money. No amount of money will ever replace my missy.

But the big bucks they have to shell out will hurt them and their reputation. We all need to boycott Petsmarts until they get rid of Banfields.

Read my dogs sad story at


Such a sad story! I wonder why so many marked BS above. Sorry you lost you kitty :-/ Sad Face


Hi - I'm writing a story about Banfield and was wondering if you'd be interested in discussing your experience with me. If so, you can send me an email at or call me at 914 500 3434 (I'm based in NYC). I'm sorry to hear about your ordeal.


@Theresa Fisher

Looks like you were writing the story a year ago. Please email it to me. Thanks


I´m so sorry for your loss... I can imagine it must be horrible

but how exactly does your cat dying relate to you losing your home?


I think people marked *** in regards to you losing your house. Anyhow, it is unfortunate that these things happen, but they do.

My dog got a dental done and almost died a few days later. Banfield had no answers. Corporate said there was nothing they could do. Manager was never on staff as she had another job.

After $2000 and deciding to euthanize, I was very blessed to have met a wonderful dr at the specialist clinic. She wanted to do one last test for free since I could not afford it. Turns out she had an underlying disease that the anesthesia sort of surfaced, if you will. It was not banfields fault, but as you can see its easy to point fingers in a desperate situation.

How would they know that the bag severed the trachea. Did they do a necropsy?

The eclinic probably just wanted you to have some kind of closure... They can't know for sure from an X-ray.


Just so you know, you can't sue for the emotional loss of an animal due to malpractice like you can with a human (except in one state, which eludes me at the moment). You can only sue for 1) monies lost due to negligence and 2) the dollar value of the pet.

So if you had an adult domestic shorthair cat, you could only sue for $25 or something like that. In the eyes of the law, animals are nothing more than property. I'm not saying it's right, but that's the way it is. Unfortunately, it would be bad for everyone if people were allowed to sue for emotional damages due to pet loss because malpractice insurance for veterinarians would skyrocket, which would be reflected in veterinary prices.

Most people already complain about the price of veterinary medicine. Just saying...


Im so sorry about your baby, and that your banfield made such a horrible mistake. seemed like a common sense slip up.

thank you for sharing your story and educating us. :x


I'm not sure if this information will be useful to you or not, but it's best to be educated if you are going to pursue a complaint/seek financial restitution. The tube they put down their throat is called an endotracheal tube.

It is inserted through the mouth and down the trachea to provide oxygen and anesthesia to the pet's lungs. It has a small cuff encircling the tube, which can be inflated like a balloon. Basically, this ensures that the walls of the balloon are in contact with the walls of the trachea. This does 2 things: 1) ensures that the air/anesthesia is being properly delivered and 2) if the pet vomits, the vomitus will not slide from the mouth down the trachea into the lungs (which can cause aspiration pneumonia and can be life-threatening).

You inflate that balloon AFTER the endotracheal tube is properly placed. You must deflate the balloon BEFORE removing the tube from the throat, or it can rip up the tissue as it is pulled up and can cause death. Endotracheal tubes come in many sizes. If your cat's trachea was destroyed, it was either because they used a tube that was too large for the cat, or they didn't properly deflate the cuff prior to extubation (which is more likely as if you tried a tube that was too large, it most likely would not have gone in in the first place).

You need to ask them why they didn't inform you that the cuff was not properly deflated prior to extubation.

It's like they made this horrible mistake, sent the cat home and just hoped everything would be fine. I'm sorry this happened to you.


Thanks Banana


Thanks So_Sad


All those that marked the *** box why don't you make a comment instead of being panzy's for Banfield.


I'm so sorry about your loss....I just went through a similar situation with Banfield, they will reimburse my vet bills.


This comment it complete BS.


Interesting that you would post your comment that it is "Complete BS" under anonymous. If you can say that mention your name!!

Were you there when it happened? Or maybe you were the person who did not know how to perform their job correctly. If you cannot be caring toward someone who has lost an animal and member of their family buzz off!

I am pretty sure you are one of those high and mighty people who work for Banfield! Getting on here and leaving hateful comments like that only confirms how I feel toward Banfield!!