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I decided to get my wife a Chihuahua puppy in May 2011. My wife's birthday is May 5th.

This puppy was my wifes birthday present. Because of this, we decided to name the puppy Maya in honor of Cinco De Mayo (the 5th of May). Being that the puppy was a Chihuahua, it fit her to a tee. My three little girls quickly fell in love with her.

We have had several pets in the past and have always taken our pets to the vet. Because we got her (Maya) on the weekend, we decided to take her to Petsmart, because they were open, to see the vet. We wanted to make sure that she was healthy. The bill was around $160.00.

We got a few shots for her. We were given the sales pitch for the wellness plan. I pretty muched laughed the idea off of getting pet insurance. We were to return in the week to get another test.

When we returned, it was brought to my attention how much money I would have saved on not only the return visit but also on getting Maya neutered. (Which was something that we wanted to do). We decided to sign Maya up for the wellness plan. Of course, I had to pay the full membership fee after paying full price for the standard shots just a few days before, for the services rendered.

After all we wanted the best for our puppy. After a few regular visits to the vet, I started to notice that the price for the services seemed much higher than other vets we have used in the past. It really did not matter because we were saving SO MUCH money on the Wellness Plan. Well about a week ago, Maya started throwing up.

She also was not her high energy self. We brought her to the Petsmart vet (Banfield). $160.00 later, the vet said that they did not feel an obstruction in her belly. They injected saline in her back to keep her from dehydrating.

I did sign an estimation to allow for an X-ray, although none was done. We brought her home and thought that she must have just eaten something that did not agree with her. Maya continued to get worse. We brought Maya back up to Petsmart (Banfield) after 1 day and told them that she was not getting any better.

They kept her for 2 days and force fed her and put an I.V. in her. This cost us an additional $250.00. Still they did not do an X-ray.

Maya did look a little better. We were told to force feed her with a syringe. Maya wanted nothing to do with the food. That night we were able to get her to eat 1 1/2 syringes full, although most of it went on my wife.

Maya was to get 3 syringes. Maya threw up the food. The next day we were to return to have the I.V. taken out.

That morning we noticed that Maya had thrown up in the night. I cleaned her crate as my wife tried to force feed her. Maya refused to eat anything. Maya then threw up a HUGE amount of what looked like dirty water.

The smell was horrible! We cleaned up the mess and immediately took her to Petsmart (Banfield) that morning. We told the rep that we would like to see a vet. The rep said that it would only be a minute.

After about 10 minutes, the rep returned and said that the vet that was working on Maya does not come to work until about 2 p.m. and that we could leave her if we wanted to. I asked if there was a vet at the location now. The rep said yes.

The rep said that the vet at the location now preferred to have the vet that has been taking care of Maya see her. We again signed an estimate which included an X-ray. Around 2:30 P.M the vet called asked my wife what was going on. My wife told him the story.

The vet said that he would go ahead and do an X-ray. About 15 minutes later the vet called and said that Maya had an obstruction in her gut and that he would have to do exploratory surgery. My wife gave them the okay to do surgery. The estimate was around $300.00.

My wife was told that we would be able to get Maya the next afternoon. Later my wife was told that we would have to come and get Maya after her surgery and take her to an after hour vet so they can monitor her throughout the night. My wife came and got Maya directly after surgery around 5:30 P.M. and took her to the all night vet.

This place is about 10 minutes away with traffic. The vet at the all night place took Maya's temp when she arrived. The vet said that her temp was 93.7. The vet said that the dogs temp should be around 102-103.

The vet put warming lights on Maya to try and warm her up. The vet called my wife about 1 hour later and said that Maya died. Maya died about 1 ½ hours after surgery all because the vet did not do an X-ray. I understand that the vet does not want to be too invasive or maybe does not want to charge someone for an unneeded X-ray.

I believe that if an X-ray was done, at least the second time after bringing her in, Maya would have had the strength to make it through surgery. Also, I'm upset that on the third trip to the vet, in a matter of days, the vet on duty did not want to see Maya and that our only option was to leave Maya in a cage until the vet that was working on Maya arrived to work (5+ more hours later). Meanwhile Maya continues to go without food or water (because there is an obstruction in her gut) and continues to get weaker. What's the point in having this Wellness Plan for your animals if a vet is not going to look at your dog?

What if the other vet was not going to go to work that day? Does an animal that comes into a vet that is obviously sick, not take some kind of priority over animals that are there to get shots? According to Banfield's website they do. Well Maya didn't.

I got off of work at 10:00 P.M and went and got Maya's remains from the all night vet. The next morning, I went to Petsmart and returned the bed that Maya was in, that my wife took to the all night vet, after the surgery. The girl behind the counter asked how Maya was doing. I told her that Maya died.

She looked surprised. After brief conversation, I asked her about cancelling the wellness plan due to the fact that we no longer have a living dog. She said that she could not do anything and that I would have to contact Banfield. She then gave me a Banfield card.

On the back of the Banfield card was a notice: If you decide to cancel your wellness plan, please keep in mind Client is responsible for the lesser of the retail cost of services used during the contract year, less payments received; or the remainder of plan payments. I was already getting the feeling that I would be stuck in this plan paying money per month for a dog that I no longer have due to what I believe was their negligence. I called the number when I got home. I was told that the most I would have to pay is ½ of the 12 months remaining.

I was then told that she was unable to see anything on the computer but should be able to see it tomorrow, if not she would definitely be able to see it on Monday and that she would call me. I did not receive a call on Friday or Monday. I called her on Tuesday. I finally got out of this wellness plan but I had to pay.

I just could not see a charge only account every month to remind me what a bad idea this Wellness plan was. This is a notice to anyone that has the Banfield Wellness plan, if your dog dies you will continue to pay to get out of this plan or your credit will suffer, and it does not matter that your pet did not get the right treatment from them.

The only problem is hindsight is 20/20 and if you're reading this, you are already mad at Banfield. I only wish that I did my due diligence and did research on Banfield before I signed up.

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This sotry sounds similar to what happened to my dachshund Tigger. This being my first dog in some time and my parent's first dog we thought we were doing the right thing by getting the wellness plan and that Banfield would do the most necessary to make sure our dog was okay.

Tigger was presenting with vomitting and lethargy and basically all he got was a quick physical exam and some anti-vomiting medication. There was no mention or offer of an X-ray probably because the location we went to didn't even have an X-ray on site, which I recently found out when I took my current dog there for an eye issue. We do have a banfield with an x-ray on site but unfortunately it's the farthest one away from me about 20 minutes but neither my parents or I would have questioned going there if an X-ray was even brought up. Poor little tigger was forced to take pills to stop his vomiting, which didn't work obviously.

He refused to eat and just got sicker and sicker until like Maya he vomited up brown stuff, thick brown stuff that I can only describe as smelling like poo. Thinking we had done all we could we called Banfield and their advice was to look after him overnight.. Not even a suggestion to take him to emergency. By that time though I am convinced now it would have been too late to save him, we never found out what killed Tigger but my best guess is that he had an obstruction (he used to like to play with Soda bottles) and that he needed emergency care and surgey.

We likely would have gotten just that if Banfield EVER said anything about doing an X-Ray. It's like all they want to do is push your pets medication to mask the symptoms but never get to the root of what's causing them.

I am so sorry for your loss and I'm sorry that I'm going through another situation with them with my current dog (why I went back is it seemed the cheaper option when I was having money troubles) but this time I refused to sit back and let them be neglegent. I spent the extra $$ and went to get a second opinion....and in my opinion my pet is doing better already but has a long way to go to recover.


My Chihuahua died from sedation overdose, so she could be held by the hind legs inverted and shaken to release fluid in her lungs, the Lasix IV was designed to do this. She was frail from weight loss and a weak hear, they know that sedation stops our pets hearts, that's why they do it, they know they can get an extra $500 to revive our pets.

This place needs to be shut down. I never reviewed Banfield I wish I had, they are killing people by killing their pets.

Please visit my youtube page and sign up to bring a class action lawsuit. Banfield Killed My Chihuahua


OMG Mayagone I am so so sorry for what you and your poor poor Maya had gone thru - this certainly sounds like negligence and a complete unncessary tragedy- all Thanks TO BANFIELD!!! I had considered using their service and Wellness plan but not after reading your story - thank you so much for sharing your story -~ & BTW WTF kind of reply was that from Banfield posted here??

They are 100% at fault on this one and didn't sound like they're going to accept any once of responsibility so how sorry are they really?? NOT!! And are they serious, after your pet passes you're still responsible for payments for their Wellness Plan ~are they F'ing kidding!! talk about insult to injury since they're the ones who caused her death with their way below substandard care!

What a crock! and a complete Rip Off!! I am so disgusted with Banfield after reading your story and so many others like yours - Banfield should be BANNED!! I have four beautiful kitties never consider using Banfield after reading this!

Again, I'm so sorry for your loss and please accept my heartfelt sympathy! Wishing you the best!


I read your story and it stopped me considering Banfield. I have 4 cats and a dog so you may have saved their lives.

I know that is not compensation for what you have been through. What a sad story and I am so sorry for your family and especially sorry for your poor dog who suffered unnecessarily but is now resting in peace.


First of all we want to say how sorry we are for the loss of your pet; we know how hard it can be to lose a member of the family. To clear up any confusion our Wellness Plans are not insurance, they are preventive services packaged together at a discounted price with the convenience of a 12-month financing option.

When a pet passes or a client wants to cancel their plan at any time throughout the year of the package we simply ask they either pay for the services they have already used at original cost or the remaining Wellness Plan payments, whichever is less. As far as the care you received, we apologize if one of our hospitals has left you feeling this way. It is our mission to provide our clients and their pets with high quality medicine and exceptional client experiences on every visit. We appreciate your feedback and I do want to make sure we acknowledge your concerns.

To discuss this further please give our Client Advocate Team a call at 877-500-2288 so we can gather more information. Again we are sorry for your loss.

@Banfield Pet Hospital

My Chihuahua died from sedation overdose, so she could be held by the hind legs inverted and shaken to release fluid in her lungs, the Lasix IV was designed to do this. She was frail from weight loss and a weak hear, they know that sedation stops our pets hearts, that's why they do it, they know they can get an extra $500 to revive our pets.

This place needs to be shut down. I never reviewed Banfield I wish I had, they are killing people by killing their pets.

Please visit my youtube page and sign up to bring a class action lawsuit. Banfield Killed My Chihuahua

@Banfield Pet Hospital

up yours Banfield- you dont give a rats *** about anyones animals. As long as you can pump families for their money and make their dogs sicker from vaccinations, then act as if you have no idea whats wrong- ooh we need tests..

up yours from me and my dead Beagle. I would love to bump into someone with a Banfield uniform in a dark alley.