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I am writing this letter to express to you my disappointment in the way the staff at Benfield Hospital at 160 Wadsworth Blvd Denver Colorado handled my emergency. I had held a wellness plan for both my dogs Spike and Petey for five years and had just enrolled our new puppy on a plan.

On January 21, 2013 my dog Spike was attacked and needed to be seen, we drove to Banfield where they took spike back to check him out and five minutes later the staff brought him back still bloody injured eye exposed and told me the doctor was not there to perform the surgery he needed to remove his injured eye and I would have to take him to a different hospital. I was sent to Access Emergency Clinic where they did nothing for my dog because there main concern was how they were going to receive payment so I was sent to another clinic where I was forced to put Spike down because I only had half the payment. After five years of taking my pets to Banfield I had hoped they would have offered to contact the Dr and see if he/she would come in or see if another Banfield hospital would keep him overnight till the doctor was in. The staff at the 160 Wadsworth store didn’t even offer tissue to wipe the blood from his face or lightly bandage him so that myself or my son wouldn’t have to look at him with his eye hanging and bloody.

I have never missed a payment on the occasions that I didn’t have full payment when they were seen and needed medication I made payment arrangements at the clinic I always paid any outstanding bill. I am heartbroken and our family was devastated by the loss of spike he wasn’t just our dog he was a part of our family, we would have paid any amount to have him still here with us. When I called to ask to remove my pet from his wellness plan the customer service rep begins to berate me telling me even if the doctor was available we would have only gotten a discount on services. With the discount we would have received at Banfield we would have been able to arrange payment.

I am so disappointed that we were treated so callous as if Spike didn’t matter. I understand that the clinic’s and hospital survive on the money there are paid but after five years of monthly payments for two dogs I just feel more could have been offered by our home clinic to help Spike. This tragic moment in our lives is burned into our hearts and minds forever, the staff did nothing to help make it easier all they did was send us to a strange place where we weren’t known and weren’t offered any way to arrange payment so Spike could receive help. I am a true animal lover my pets are just as important to me as my children, it is my hope that one day there will be better trained staff in the vet hospitals and clinics who understand that it is hard enough seeing your pet injured pet parents should be treated with much more concern.

And that the first priority should be helping the injured pet not worrying about payment. It is because of this incident that I have removed my two other dogs from there wellness plans and won’t use Banfield again and am asking my friends and family who I always referred to Banfield not to use Banfield either Sad & Heartbroken Maria Arguello

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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If you couldnt work out a payment plan at another clinic why do you think you wouldve been able to work one out at Banfield. I used to work there and i know 100% that they do not accept payment plans and even for pets on wellness plans all payment has to be on the day of the exam or they cant do the surgery, so the outcome (sad as it is) would have been the same because you wouldnt have able to pay them either. Vets are businessess not charities and of all the ones ive worked at none accept payment plans apart from one old country vet so it is the owners responsibility to be able to pay for things.


that is so horrible that they did not help that poor dog in need of emergency. so heartless and I will tell everyone about this story

Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi Anonymous - As I mentioned on your previous posts on Facebook, we are sorry that Spike is no longer with us. The Client Advocate Team would be more than happy to speak with you again if you would like to give us additional information. Your comments have already been passed along to the local hospital leadership team, and they will be following up with you directly. Again, I am sorry that you are going through this difficult time.


The Banfield Team


I'm so sorry about Spike, that's horrendous. I do think that Banfield should have at least bandaged the eye for you.

However having worked for Banfield I can tell you unfortunately that even if they have a vet that is capable of a more urgent surgery (they are not specialists remember, they normally just do spays/neuters/dentals and minor surgeries becasue they are not equipt with enough staff & cannot provide overnight care becuase EVERYONE gets locked out of PetSmart when it closes at night - this means they cannot keep any pets unsupervised & would have had to send you to an overnight hospital anyway) very often they cannot call in Vet's on their days off because they already work them such long hours that it would then mean that the vet would work 7-8+ days straight. Unfortunately Banfield's are not well enough staffed & are too overbooked with routine appointments to work well as an emergency hospital. That is why there are Emergency hospitals - to see emergencies.

They are who I would be mad at in this case.


Had they touched the animal, NOT being a vet, they could have been sued by the customer for any and all perceived harm caused by the person doing it.


While it is unfortunate that you could not work out a payment plan with the other clinic, you really can not blame Banfield for this. Even vets are allowed days off and some even go out of town on vacation, or maybe he was sick, or his mother died. The other clinic could, and should have, stabilized your dog. They did not. THEY wanted money upfront to even treat him. THAT is who your complaint should be about. However, even vets are a business and if they give away their services, then no one has a vet because they will not stay in business.

Your dog was attacked by another animal. You had the choice of making a police report for the other dog so his owners would be responsible for the bill. Did you do that?

Me, I would have hocked everything I have to pay for my dog's medical care. But that is just me.